Butt Lift in Johor Bahru

The Ultimate Guide to Butt Lift in Johor Bahru

Change a sagging derriere with a butt lift in Johor Bahru – one of Malaysia’s hotspots for medical travelers.

This beautiful country offers travelers a lot in terms of healthcare and recreational facilities and is perfect for some rest and relaxation either before or after your procedure.

Why should I get a Butt Lift in Johor Bahru?

Johor Bahru is a modern city and is just a stone’s throw away from Singapore (it only takes 10 minutes on the train from Singapore’s international airport). The lower prices in Malaysia have made it a popular choice for Singaporeans who live in one of the most expensive places on the planet.

Johor Bahru delivers a wealth of things to do – from high-end dining to scrumptious street food; a wide range of accommodation and recreational activities including a zoo, paintball parks, off-road motorsports and the Danga Bay 25 km recreational waterfront.

Medical tourists can feel assured of receiving excellent care in Malaysia. A former British colony, English is spoken widely here and there are nods here and there to Britishness (unlike the rest of Asia where American spellings have been adopted, British English is still used here).

Key strengths of healthcare for medical travelers in Johor Bahru are the affordable prices, skilled medical staff who have often trained abroad in the UK, the US or Australia and efficient hospitals that are modern and adhere to rigorous international health and safety standards.

Of course, you shouldn’t just hope for the best, but do a little research yourself to weight up what’s available and how it compares to elsewhere. In general, we’re sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

For our patients’ peace of mind we do our own background checks. We do onsite visits and verify professional memberships & qualifications, as well as obtain online testimonials from previous patients.

All this information is listed under each clinic listing with other useful information, including prices, so you can truly compare like with like.

How long does a butt lift procedure take, and what’s involved in the surgery?

The surgery takes from three to six hours – the length of time dependent upon how much tissue needs to be removed.

Before surgery your surgeon will usually discuss with you the particular incision technique they are going to use – it may be at the top of the buttocks, the hip or the groin – but it will usually made in an inconspicuous area that at least can be covered with bikini bottoms.

The procedure tightens and lifts the buttocks by removing excess skin and tissue, pulling the remainder taut and stitching to close.

What is the recovery time after a butt lift?

You will feel uncomfortable and stiff after the surgery and may be dressed with a compression garment. There may also be wound drains in situ to help take fluid away from the site. You will more-than-likely feel more comfortable lying on your stomach for a few days, rather than sitting.

You will be encouraged to move around as soon as you can after surgery. It really does help to reduce swelling, which speeds the healing process up. After about a week you should be getting around alright, but it could be 2-3 weeks before you can take part in your normal day-to-day activities.

It will be 6 weeks before you can resume vigorous exercise, such as sports.

How much do butt lifts in Johor Bahru cost, compared to Australia or New Zealand?

In Johor Bahru butt lifts cost 50% less than they do in Australia.

What next?

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