Butt Lift in Kuala Lumpur

The Ultimate Guide to Butt Lift in Kuala Lumpur

Last fact-checked: 14 September 2020

A butt lift in Kuala Lumpur can help you improve the shape and size of your derriere for thousands less than you would expect to pay in countries like Australia, New Zealand, the US or even other parts of Asia. 

If you are unhappy with your flat or sagging derriere—or tired of not being able to fill out a pair of jeans or a swimsuit, you may want to consider a butt lift. Exercise can do only so much; it can tone and tighten muscles but does not do much for the skin—nor can it add fat or reduce size, as required. For all these issues, cosmetic surgery can be an effective option. 

What Is a Butt Lift?

There are different kinds of butt lifts and the selection depends on what you want to achieve. An initial consultation with a plastic surgeon will be useful so that you make up your mind using the hindsight of professional advice.

The different types of butt lift procedures are summarized below:

  • Brazilian butt lift: fat is removed from other parts of the body via liposuction, refined and processed and then injected into the butt. This is safe because it uses your own fat and you also get slimmer from the place where the fat is removed.

  • Ordinary butt lift (gluteoplasty): used for people who have enough fat. Here, extra tissue and fat are removed and the skin is sutured to achieve a perkier, more filled out butt.

  • Butt implants: if you don’t have fat in other areas of the body but simply want your butt augmented, you can use implants to increase the size of your butt and add curves.

Why Consider Butt Lift Surgery in Kuala Lumpur?

Kuala Lumpur is a great place for a holiday, and you'll be able to enjoy the charms of the city along with numerous tourist attractions before surgery. You can pack in a great deal in a short time, visit all the important tourist destinations, indulge in gastronomic delights, and binge on shopping and more. 

The main driving force behind medical travel is price, and cosmetic surgery in Kuala Lumpur is one of the world's value destinations for high-quality, affordable medical care. Most people find they are able to make savings of several thousand dollars, which is more than enough to cover travel expenses.

World-class surgeons and modern clinics, as well as convenient flight links to KL, affordable hotels, and the country's visa-free policy (for many nationalities) are just some of the other reasons to choose the Malaysian capital for your butt lift surgery. 

Is it Possible to Book the Surgery on Your Own?

While you can search, vet and book on your own for butt lift surgery, but you have no means of knowing or verifying the claims made on web sites that advertise this procedure. How can you be sure that all the information given is true? Can you check for affiliations with recognized bodies such as the Joint Commission International

This where using Medical Departures can help. We have a system of checks in place to help ensure clinical quality and service excellence. We carry out thorough investigations regarding the qualifications, accreditations and experience of the doctors; the training of the staff; the amenities at the clinics and hospitals; the equipment there and more. We also interview patients who have undergone the surgery to check on their experiences. All this reduces your risk and helps ensure a rewarding outcome.

How Long Does Butt Lift Surgery in Kuala Lumpur Take? What Does the Recovery Involve?

In general, between one and four hours. The type of procedure dictates the time taken for the surgery; if liposuction and fat transfer are involved, the surgery will take longer.

The surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia and you will need to stay in the hospital at least overnight if not two nights. After surgery, you will have bandages and drains, take painkillers and antibiotics and not be able to weight on your butt for some time. You will have to sleep on your stomach, for instance.

You may be out of action for as much as one or two weeks, depending on your health and the pain you have. After that, some activities will be restricted and you may need to use pillows as cushions to allow for sitting. You can be off work for 10-15 days, and you will need help at home as movement will be restricted.

What Is the Cost of Butt Lift Surgery?

Butt lift surgery is not cheap; you can expect to pay between AUD 10,000 and AUD 20,000 in Australia, depending on the procedure undertaken. In Kuala Lumpur, however, you can expect to make savings of around 70%, with prices starting at just AUD 6,500.

Please note: These are estimated prices at the time of writing. To see updated prices, as well as photos, surgeon profiles, patient reviews and location maps, check out these top-rated clinics in Kuala Lumpur for butt lift surgery:

What's Next?

To arrange the butt lift surgery that you always wanted, get in touch with Medical Departures today. Our team is on standby 24/7 to help you book, give you a free quote or answer any questions you have about going abroad for treatment. 


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