Butt Lift in Mexico City

The Ultimate Guide to Butt Lift in Mexico City

Get a Butt lift in Mexico City and save money compared to back home. With Medical Departures you can find quality-checked clinics and doctors in the City, and have a nice break before or after your surgery in this exciting destination.

A butt augmentation procedure is performed in order to lead to perky, youthful and prominent buttocks, which creates a more desirable and sensual profile.

This procedure makes use of the individual’s own fat, which means that it is one of the most natural procedures that are used to augment one’s buttocks. Because of the advancements and developments in technology and awareness, more and more people are now opting for this surgical procedure to restore or correct their overall figure and appearance.

Am I eligible for a butt lift in Mexico City?

There are various body types that can be addressed and rectified with the help of a butt lift in Mexico City, and both men and women can choose to get this treatment done. In general, it is usually those people who have sagging, small, flat, asymmettical or disproportionate buttocks, or have undergone such extensive weight loss that it has led to changes in their overall body shape and altered the shape of their buttocks.

People who are more suitable for getting this surgery are those who have ample amount of fat around their hips, waist, abdomen and lower back, and who are also willing to while out the extensive time that it takes for someone to recover from this procedure. People who are looking to get their butts lifted are usually vying for a figure that involved a thin waist and flat stomach as well.

However, those who are interested in getting this procedure should remember the results will ultimately depend on the skills and expertise of the individual who is performing the procedure. Therefore, it would be a good idea to look at photos of previous clients of the doctor in order to figure out how competent he or she is going to be with the procedure. In addition to this, you may also request to speak to the doctor’s previous clients in order to find out any additional information that you may be after.

Why get a butt lift in Mexico City?

Because Mexico is a near neighbor of the United States and Canada, many medical tourists frequent the region because of the more cost-effective treatments that are available here. Coupled with frequent, low-cost flights to Mexico City, and the fact that even adding traveling and accommodation expenses to the cost is going to add up to a significantly lower amount than having the treatment at home.

However, instead of encouraging other people to visit the same region for their medical treatment, the lower cost sometimes tends to deceive people into thinking that it also signifies a lower quality treatment. However, that is actually not the case, since Medical Departure thoroughly verifies the quality, services and educational background of each medical treatment provider to ensure that it is meeting the standards that have been established worldwide. Many doctors and surgeons in Mexico are members of internationally-recognized professional organizations and are extremely well-qualified.

In addition to this, Medical Departures also carries out additional background checks, such as legal and criminal, to give you complete peace of mind so you can rest assured you are going to be in safe and experienced hands.

What is the procedure?

There are various techniques that can be used by the surgeon. However, the general approach is more or less the same. First, the surgeon will mark a point on the top of the butt and make an incision along that, which goes through the hips, groin and even under the butt cheeks in some cases in order to remove any extra skin. This also allows the surgeon to make the remaining skin taut.

Secondly, there may be an additional way of contouring the butt or thighs of the patient: liposuction. This is usually used in order to make sure that the overall appearance is balanced.
After this is done, the surgeon will then suture all the incision and wrap them up in layers. This is done in order to make sure that the skin will be tight.

Dressings and drains are then added. Furthermore, the doctor may also advise the patient to wear a compressional girdle or garment, which is in place to ensure that the skin is made tight and to prevent further swelling.

What is the recovery period?

In the immediate aftermath of the surgery, patients are required to wear compression girdles/garments and will also have bandages and drains in place. The patient will be required to stay in the hospital under supervision until and unless he or she becomes comfortable taking care of the drains and can walk around freely after taking pain medications.

Although some patients do complain of pain after the surgery, this usually goes away within a couple of hours. Redness and swelling are also likely, which take a couple of weeks or months to go away. Since this is an extensive surgery, it can take a significant amount of time for people undergoing this procedure to recover from it, with two to three weeks being the lower end of the time frame. In order to heal fully, it can take anyone up to a couple of months. In order to ensure that one has a speedy recovery, there are various things that can be done, such as having someone to help out with daily chores and avoiding smoking.

What is the cost comparison of Butt Lifts in Mexico City compared to America and Canada?

Butt Lifts in Mexico City costs around $5,600 (CAN $7,700, UK £4,000 EUR €5,000, AUS $7,800), in comparison to $13,500 in the United States (CAN $18,600, UK £9.600, EUR €, AUS $18,800).

What now?

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