Butt Lift in Pattaya

The Ultimate Guide to Butt Lift in Pattaya

A butt lift in Pattaya can result in your getting more youthful and sensuous butt cheeks, at a much lower cost than at home.

If you have a flat or sagging butt, or you have undergone weight loss that has changed the shape of your butt, you can consider adding curves to your body with a butt lift. As a bonus you may also get rid of cellulite around and near your butt. You will be able to flaunt a more curvaceous body after a butt lift procedure.

A butt lift can be done via different cosmetic surgery procedures. You can have a traditional butt lift that involves incisions around your butt, with the skin then cut and sutured for a slimmer butt. This is usually done for people who have loose and sagging skin. You can opt for a Brazilian butt lift which involves extraction of fat from other areas of your body that is purified and then injected into the butt to add curves. Another way to increase butt size is by the use of implants made of different materials.

Why get butt lift done in Pattaya?

Pattaya is a beautiful tourist destination that is easily accessible from Australia, or elsewhere in the world, and it is popular for tourists from the US and Europe as well as the Antipodes. You can have a wonderful holiday there as well as the surgery since it is eminently affordable. You will be able to recuperate in pleasant surroundings, in good weather and enjoy the delicious cuisine of Thailand.

With its many tourist attractions, including beaches, shopping, museums and a hospitable culture coupled with excellent medical facilities, Pattaya is the ideal place for butt lift surgery. As it is a premier tourist destination you will not find any communication problem here. You will also find that everything here is very reasonably priced.

Why should you not book on your own?

It seem very easy to make a booking for butt lift surgery on your own as many websites and doctors seem tourist friendly. However, you really have no assurance about the quality of care or the experience of the doctors and staff and have to go by whatever information is available on the web site. Cosmetic surgery is major surgery and you really don’t want to have a bad experience.

That’s why it makes sense to make a booking through Medical Departures, your one stop shop for cosmetic surgery. We carry out all the checks required to ensure that you have a great experience. We investigate the quality of the clinics, the staff and the doctors’ credentials so that you get the best care possible. We take the worry and uncertainty out of the process.

What is the time frame for the surgery and the recovery period thereafter?

The time taken for the surgery will vary a great deal and depend on the type of procedure and the number of processes involved. It can range from one to five hours. You will typically have to stay in hospital for one or two nights for after care and monitoring.

As this is major surgery, you may have to take rest for a week or two, depending on the level of pain you experience. You will be advised restricted activities for two weeks post surgery and it can take up to three months for the fat to settle and the butt to acquire its final shape. You will have to wear special support or compression garments for several weeks and will have to sleep on your stomach. It may take up to 10 days before you can go back to work.

What is the cost of butt lift surgery?

For elective cosmetic surgery, you have to pay out of your pocket. In Australia butt lift surgery costs between AUD $10,000 and AUD $20,000. The cost variation is high and depends on the kind of surgery, the number of incisions and whether you require implants or liposuction. Cost of different implants also varies. You will save 30-70 percent of the cost for the same surgery in Pattaya, where prices start from AUD $3,334.

What now?

Compare price and search quality-checked surgeons and facilities.

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