Chemical Peel

The Ultimate Guide to Chemical Peel

Last fact-checked: 20 October 2020

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Chemical peels come in different strengths. Light and medium are not invasive and can be carried out in a beauty salon. However, a deep chemical peel, which provides more dramatic results, penetrates deep into the skin and should only be carried out under strict surgical conditions by an experienced, qualified doctor.

You can find affordable chemical peels in dozens of top medical tourism destinations around the world, fitting in your holiday activities before treatment.

Am I Suitable for a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels suit a variety of skins and conditions, and while the light and medium peels will give your skin a lift, they don’t have the same dramatic effect as deep chemical peels.

The light and medium peels can certainly help with brightening the skin, removing dead skin cells to create a rejuvenated appearance. These treatments don’t require much downtime, making them an excellent option while on holiday (although you will need to stay out of the sun). 

A deep chemical peel requires more consideration and a consultation with a medical professional. After treatment, your face will be red for several weeks as the top layers of skin start to peel off. There may be some scabbing, meaning you'll have to put up with a rather unsightly appearance for a few weeks (so do plan ahead).

How Does a Chemical Peel Work?

This treatment essentially works by removing the top layers of damaged, blemished and dull skin via the application of a chemical solution (of varying degrees of strength). This process reveals fresher and younger-looking skin below.

Learn more about how chemical peels work here

What Does the Procedure Entail?

A deep chemical peel is carried out using anesthesia, which is why it needs to be performed in a surgical setting. Once the anesthetic has been administered, the chemical solution will be applied to the skin in small sections. The solution will be left in place for a short time (according to the exact strength), and then completely removed. The doctor will then repeat the process by applying the solution to the next section. After the treatment, your skin is dressed with bandages.

Light and medium peels are applied without a general anesthetic to your entire face at once. You may experience tingling and stinging while the chemicals take effect. Once removed, soothing cream and a cold press may be applied to the skin.

What Is the Recovery Time from a Chemical Peel?

A deep chemical peel involves around two or three weeks' recovery. Not only will your skin be bright red but you may have some weeping, crusting and peeling. It could take up to three months before the effects are complete, but they should be very noticeable, taking years off your appearance–and lasting for up to 10 years.

Medium and light peels are nowhere nearly as dramatic and don’t require much downtime. Any redness disappears after a few days. Your skin will look brighter, and if you have regular treatments you will notice a subtle difference in the texture of your skin. When undergoing a chemical peel abroad, do make sure that you stay out of the sun (using a high SPF sunscreen and a hat) both before and after your treatment.

How Much Can I Save on a Chemical Peel Abroad?

You should be able to save at least 50% by going abroad, which can amount to a substantial amount if you were planning to get a chemical peel at home, especially a deep treatment. 

Prices vary depending on where you go. Compare prices and check out past patient reviews with these lists of MD-verified clinics for chemical peels:

How Do I Book with Medical Departures?

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