Chemical Peel in South Korea

The Ultimate Guide to Chemical Peel in South Korea

Smooth away skin imperfections with a chemical peel. In South Korea making yourself look as good as you can is a way of life, where going for a cosmetic procedure is as normal as going for a haircut.

The chemical peel removes damaged outer layers of the skin and is an effective treatment for age-related problems, such as wrinkles or age spots, as well as for scarring and blemishes.

Why have a chemical peel in South Korea?

In South Korea it is part of the culture to look good. There are beauty and surgical clinics practically on every block, so there’s no shortage of places to go for any kind of cosmetic treatment.

Chemical peels are available in different strengths, which is why you should do some research before you decide on a treatment. Light and Medium Chemical Peels can be carried out in beauty salons, but a Deep Chemical Peel is a very different procedure and must be done under surgical conditions as it usually requires general anesthesia.

You should, before you have any cosmetic treatment, do a little homework anyway. There are a lot of places offering cosmetic treatments in South Korea, so how do you know which ones are any good?

This isn’t always an easy question to answer, as there is not one particular thing that can attest to quality, but rather a number of things that taken together can give you an overall picture. What is clear is that plastic surgery is extremely popular in South Korea, both for nationals and internationals. Medical Departures looks at a number of areas and includes our findings on our website for you to check yourself. This includes doctor qualifications, professional memberships, patient testimonials and criminal records checks. We also do onsite visits to clinics to check out the facilities ourselves, and we publish high definition photos and clinic virtual tours on our site so you can get an idea too, enabling you to make an informed decision.

How does a chemical peel work?

One of the oldest skincare techniques in the world, chemical peels have been in use for centuries by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Modern peels consist of a combination of acids that are administered to the skin. These effectively remove the outer layers of dead skin, revealing newer, blemish-free skin underneath.

What is the procedure for a chemical peel?

The procedure for a deep chemical peel is slightly different than the light and medium peels. Obviously, for a deep peel you will be given a general anesthetic, and then the doctor applies the chemicals to the skin in small sections. After a few moments the product is removed, before the doctor applies it to the next section.

For light and medium peels the chemicals are applied all at once. You may experience some tingling before the product is removed. After the treatment cream or cold presses may be applied to sooth your skin.

What is the recovery time from a chemical peel?

Deep chemical peels need between 2 and 3 weeks recovery. Redness, swelling, skin crusting and peeling are normal after-effects. It could take up to 3 months before your face is fully healed and the full effects of the peel can be seen.

Light and medium peels have minimal side effects in comparison – a little redness, and maybe a little skin shedding, but nothing too much.

The results from a deep peel are very noticeable and should last for 10 years. Your skin will look better from the milder peels, but it may take around 3 treatments, and it won’t have the same effect as the deep peel.

What is the cost of a chemical peel in South Korea compared to Australia?

Chemical peels in South Korea are around 50% cheaper in South Korea than they are in Australia.

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