Double Eyelid Surgery in South Korea

The Ultimate Guide to Double Eyelid Surgery in South Korea

Looking at ways to transform your eyes and face with Double Eyelid Surgery? In South Korea this is one of the most popular of all the cosmetic surgery procedures, and international patients, particularly from China and Japan are making this one of their most favored destinations.

Around 50% of Asians have single or monolids, rather than the double lids that are a typical feature of Western faces. It’s assumed that Asian people are having the procedure done because they want to make their faces more Westernized, but this isn’t necessarily so.

Monolids tend to have a hooded appearance, especially if there is some fatty tissue present, and this can make the eyes look smaller. Having bigger eyes is desirable the world over – and is one of the reasons for Asian people to embark on double eyelid surgery.

Why have double eyelid surgery in South Korea?

You could say that South Korea has a lot of expertise in this type of surgery. In fact, South Korea has a lot of expertise in cosmetic surgery per se. Not only is it THE medical tourist destination for Chinese and Japanese visitors, but South Koreans themselves are not adverse to undergoing plastic surgery procedures – a recent survey put South Korea as having the highest number of cosmetic procedures per capita.

The country is no stranger to beautification and it is noticeable that modern and well-equipped clinics are advertising their services wherever you turn – from the airport to the subway system. In fact, medical tourism is such a big part of the culture that there is even a medical tourism office inside Seoul’s international airport!

Westerners may not yet have cottoned on to South Korea’s many charms, but savvy Japanese and Chinese tourists have, and particularly those seeking cosmetic surgery. The government has invested heavily in the infrastructure and South Korea is already on its way to becoming a credible medical tourism location. This is a tech-savvy country and, as you would expect, healthcare facilities are contemporary, high-tech, hygienic and, not least, affordable. Coupled with South Korea’s charming culture, beautiful scenery and fascinating mix of modern and traditional and this is a destination worth exploring.

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How long does the double eyelid surgery procedure take?

This is a short procedure, taking only around an hour, on average. There is no need for an overnight stay in hospital as you will be given a local anesthetic or light sedation, which means you can go back to your hotel a few hours after surgery.

What is the recovery time after Double Eyelid Surgery?

Your eyes will feel a little sore and you should expect swelling and bruising which will reach its zenith at about 48 hours. After that, it will subside rapidly, but it will take 2 – 4 weeks before it has dissipated completely.

Stitches may be dissolvable, or you may have to have them removed ager 5 – 7 days. You will be able to carry out everyday activities after about a week, and if there is still bruising or swelling, if your stitches are gone then you can camouflage with a little makeup.

Strenuous activities, including sports and heavy lifting should be avoided for 6 weeks, but it will take 3 months for the eye tissue to settle down and 6 months to a year for full healing to occur.

What is the cost of Double Eyelid Surgery in South Korea compared to Australia or New Zealand?

In South Korea double eyelid surgery costs around AUD $3,900 (EURO €2,600; UK £2,100; US $3,000; CAN $3,900) compared to Australia where it’s around AUD $8,000 (EURO €5,300; UK £4,200; US $6,000; CAN $7,800).

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