Eye Bag Removal in Manila

The Ultimate Guide to Eye Bag Removal in Manila

Last fact-checked: 24 October 2019

You feel rested, energized and have no major problems sleeping… but the bags under your eyes tell a different story. Sounds familiar?

Eye bag removal in Manila may be just the thing to help your eyes reflect your actual inner youth and vitality. Eye bag removal is one of the techniques done during a blepharoplasty, or an eyelid lift. Manila’s health care providers are highly trained, many have studied in the U.S., and the facilities are modern and state of the art.

The main draw, however, is the cost, which is remarkably low compared to back home. With savings of over 50% available, you may even be able to save enough to afford a memorable vacation, relaxing on the sandy beaches of the Philippines before or after your treatments. 

Why Should I Have Eye Bag Removal in Manila?

Most of Manila’s medical professionals have studied abroad in the U.S., and in the top medical schools of the Philippines. People flock to Manila from all over the world to obtain high-quality medical care at affordable rates. They know they will get excellent care at low costs they can’t even imagine at home.

You, too, can experience savings of 50%-80% compared to what you would pay at home – although do remember to factor in the costs of airfares and accommodation. Saving money while rejuvenating your eyes, AND taking a mini-vacation is something most people miss out on just because they don’t know it is a possibility. You now know this “secret” – you can enjoy the unique combination of Malay, Spanish and American culture, and beautiful beaches that are uniquely Filipino. Talk to your doctor about when you can schedule a tour of the area around your treatments.

What Is the Cost of Eye Bag Removal in Manila?

The average cost of Eye Bag Removal in Manila is around AUD $1,347(NZ $1,477, UK £702, EUR €907, CAN $1,332, USD $1,000).

That is an incredible saving compared to the cost of having the treatment at home - $4,307 in Australia for example (NZ $,725, UK £2,245 EUR €2,901, CAN $4,263, USD $3,199).

For latest prices and plenty more information about treatments and facilities, check out one of our top partner clinics in Manila for eye bag removal below:

How Can I Be Sure of the Quality of Eye Bag Removal in Manila, Philippines?

Good research is critical to ensure you have just the right surgeon – either at home or in Manila. Check the surgeons’ qualifications, educations, fellowships, professional association memberships, and experience. Read all of the reviews, and check out as many before and after photos as you can.

We at MedicalDepartures would love for you to take advantage of all the information on our site. We do our own quality checks, making sure we only list the providers and clinics that have the best qualifications, extensive education, positive reviews, and top medical association memberships. We even take the extra steps of performing criminal and legal checks.

What Happens During Eye Bag Removal?

Eye bag removal surgery is most often carried out using IV sedation or light general anesthetic.

The incision is usually done using a tiny incision on the inside the lower eyelid to remove a tiny amount of fat. Tiny incisions under the lash line can be used to lift and tighten loose skin. Usually, the surgeon uses dissolving sutures on the inside of the lid.

You can read more about eye bag removal at the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


Your surgeon will choose the best technique for you, but there are also some non-surgical options that can produce good, long-term, but not permanent results:

  • Cheek volumization, which raises cheeks that have drooped, creating a hollow under the eyes.
  • Tear trough filler and resurfacing, which helps plump-up the hollow line under your eye that is the bottom edge of the “eye-bag”
  • Radiofrequency, lasers & peels, which can help tighten the skin with almost no downtime

How Long Will the Procedure Take?

Eye bag removal surgery takes between one and three hours, depending on if there are any other procedures to be carried out during the same surgical session. Most often it is done as an outpatient, meaning you can go back to your hotel in Manila the same day.

What About the Recovery Process?

The amount of bruising depends on the method used to reduce your eye bags. There is usually less bruising if only fat is removed. You can get back to your regular activates within a few days, but you may still have some swelling, bruising and mild discomfort.

Avoid strenuous activity that raises your blood pressure during the first week or so – this will help your bruises subside. Avoid applying makeup over external incisions, as this might cause permanent coloring in the scar.

How Do I Book?

Ready to book? See below for ways to make an appointment. Our Customer Care Team can help if you've any questions about eye bag removal in Manila, Philippines, as well as recommend facilities and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. 


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