Eye Bag Removal in South Korea

The Ultimate Guide to Eye Bag Removal in South Korea

Get Eye Bag Removals in South Korea – probably the world’s expert for this procedure as more cosmetic surgery per capita is performed here than anywhere else in the world, and eyelid surgery is the most popular.

Eye bag removal can be done on the upper, lower or both eyelids. Some people are genetically predisposed to the condition, but for many of us it is another unwelcome sign of old age – and one that’s easily remedied with surgery.

Why have eye bag removal in South Korea?

South Korea attracts medical tourists from Japan and China, especially for eyelid surgery, which is the most popular for Asians. However, there are a fair number of American medical tourists too – attracted by the expertise available and the low prices. It is also a fascinating holiday destination with all the cultural highlights that Western tourists love about Asia.

Prices are usually the number one reason that foreign patients look toward South Korea for their surgery – they are very competitive, and marginally cheaper than more established medical tourist destinations in Asia.

South Korea may not be the most popular medical tourist destination yet, but the government is hoping to change that. They are investing in the infrastructure and marketing the country to international clients. New hospitals, clinics and other facilities are being built that are equipped with the latest technologies. Technology is something that South Korea does not lag behind in, and is, in fact, ahead of the game in comparison to many Western nations.

Medical expertise is also good here, and as cosmetic surgery is so popular it seems reasonable to assume that surgeons have a great deal of practical, hands-on experience.

It’s always worthwhile spending a little time doing your own research. While we can say that South Korea generally offers high standards to international patients, it’s always important to verify credentials. Medical Departures have a number of processes to confirm quality, from onsite visits, to authenticating doctor qualifications and professional memberships to collating real patient reviews. Only if we’re happy with all these areas do we list on our site – so booking through us always gives you assurances that other sites just don’t provide.

How long does the eye bag removal procedure take, and what will happen?

The procedure for eye bag removal takes between 1 and 3 hours, depending if you have upper, lower or both eyelids worked on.

Light sedation or a local anesthetic is usually all that’s required rather than general anesthesia.

Incisions are made to be virtually invisible. For lower eye bag removal, the incision is made inside the lower lid, leaving no visible scar. For upper lid surgery, the incision is made in one of the eyelid’s natural creases, so it is hardly noticeable.

Excess fat and skin is removed through the incision and the remaining tissue pulled taught and stitched in place.

What is the recovery time after Eye Bag Removal?

The eye area may be bruised and swollen for a few days following the procedure. You will need to take things very easily, avoiding lifting, bending and anything likely to raise blood pressure for several weeks. Most people are ready to return to work after a week, although there may still be swelling and bruising present.

What is the cost of Eye Bag Removal in South Korea compared to Australia or New Zealand?

In South Korea eye bag removal is around 50% of the cost it is in Australia.

What next?

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