Eye Bag Removal in Chiang Mai

The Ultimate Guide to Eye Bag Removal in Chiang Mai

Eye bag removal in Chiang Mai is one of the most exciting advances in oculoplastic surgery that has instantaneous results. So, if the skin around your eyes is getting loose, wrinkled, starting to sag and adding years to your face, then Chiang Mai’s eye bag removal is your remedy.

The skin is usually one of the organs that is worst affected by age. As you get old, collagen production drops so the turgidity of the skin is severely affected. This often results in wrinkled and sagging skin. Sometimes the drooping can be so intense forming what are known as eye bags. This procedure is all about lifting the eye bags in a bid to restore youthfulness to the face.

The actual process of an eye bag removal involves the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue from above the eye and the hood skin that often grows with age. It is also the process of removing excess fat tissues from underneath the skin and smoothing the wrinkles found in the corners of the eyes (also known as crow’s feet).

There are several benefits of an eye bag removal procedure. These include;

  • Improved vision in some cases
  • Correcting premature aging
  • Make it easier to apply makeup
  • It takes away the tired look
  • Improved appearance/results in younger looks
  • Increased overall self confidence

In a nutshell, eye bag removal in Chiang Mai is a procedure that anyone who is aging and whose skin is slowly wrinkling would need. You may also benefit from the treatment if you’d love to improve your facial looks.

Why get eye bag removal in Chiang Mai?

Located in the northern mountains of Thailand, Chiang Mai is a dream destination for different kinds of tourists. Combine this with the excellent medical and beauty facilities in the region and you have a perfect place to get your eye bag removal procedure.

One of the factors that has made people not go for an eye bag surgery is the cost involved. At Medical Departures, we not only have our cosmetic surgeons offering high-quality eye bag removal but have the costs subsidized and you also get a more alert and youthful appearance.

If you consider Medical Departures as your next eye bag removal center, be sure of clinicians who are experts, board-certified by ISAPS and also follow safety and hygiene standards developed and published by International bodies, such as ISO. That is not all, we also go ahead and verify their qualifications, professional memberships, online and legal reputation before listing them on our website.

How long does eye bag removal take and what is the recovery time?

Eye bag removal, also known as blepharoplasty is an outpatient procedure. The exact time you spend in the surgery room will depend on the surgery you have chosen – whether it is the upper lids, the lower lids, or both. However, the surgery takes an average of 2-3 hours to be completed.

Surgery on the upper lids -

Commonly, surgery on the upper eyelids requires a local anesthetic and a mild sedative. This usually results in quicker recovery than if a general anesthetic is used.During the surgery, the specialist will make small incisions along the natural crease of the  upper eyelids and then carefully separate the skin from the underlying tissue. Thereafter, the  removal or repositioning of the fatty tissue and tightening of the muscles is done. The skin is  usually stretched to ensure that the end result is smooth and to get rid of crow’s feet.

Surgery on the lower lids  - 

For lower eyelid surgery or where both eyelids are being operated, general anesthesia is  usually used.

The clinician will make an incision along the lower lash line, remove excess fat (eye bags), stretch the skin to ensure a smoother look, and then stitch it back.

The incisions made by the surgeon are usually carefully positioned along the lash line or in  the natural creases of the eye to ensure that any minimal scarring will be hidden. You will also be informed that swelling of the operated eye lid(s) is something that may happen but usually  goes away after the first few days of recovery. The stitches can be removed between three and seven days after the surgery, and you can also return to work after a few days.

Before you go for eye bag removal, consider your options carefully. While such a procedure  will leave you looking younger, leading to improved self-confidence, you have to know and be sure of what you want. During your consultative meeting, the surgeon has to discuss what  might work and what might not, and even answer any questions that you have. Take that  opportunity to discuss your expectations so that the outcome is exactly what you desire.

What is the cost of eye bag removal in Chiang Mai compared to Australia?

The cost of eye bag removal varies depending on your location. In Chiang Mai, Thailand,  you 'll pay an average of $1,250 (UK £613, Euro €784). In Australia, the procedure costs an average $5,000 (US $3,554, UK £2,454, Euro €3,138).

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