Eyebrow Lift in Mexico

The Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Lift in Mexico

Take years off your face with an eyebrow lift in Mexico. The ageing process means the once-arched appearance of our eyebrows becomes flatter, and more horizontal. This makes us look older, tired and sometimes grumpy. A brow lift (or forehead lift, as it is sometimes referred to) reverses this process, giving us back a fresher look.

Deep horizontal lines across the forehead, frown lines between the eyes and excess skin hanging over your eyes (which may affect your vision) can all be improved with this procedure.

Why should I get an Eyebrow Lift in Mexico?

Mexico has some of the world’s best healthcare facilities. It may be an emerging economy but money is being invested and it has some of the most modern and high-tech hospitals around. There are Joint Commission International accredited facilities throughout the country – one of, if not THE, most recognized and prestigious health standards organizations.

Training of specialist medical staff is similar to that in the United States, and there is a good portion of doctors in Mexico who do their specialist training in the United States and other established economies. This also means they are eligible for membership of those countries professional organizations, such as the American Medical Association, which also means they are subject to the same rules and regulations and membership criteria as doctors in the United States.

The same materials, brands and medical equipment are used in Mexico, just as they are in the United States, so in no way will your implants be of an inferior quality.

That said, although there are a lot of good things about medical care in Mexico, we always recommend you do some research. Find out all you can about our procedure so you know what it entails (and so you can ask the right questions when you approach a surgeon), as well as researching prospective doctors and clinics. Remember that there are good, mediocre and downright bad wherever you go in the world, even at home, but at least going abroad for medical care many patients spend a lot more time researching the process than they would at home – which can only be good.

At Medical Departures we background-check all of our doctors, confirming qualifications, experience and professional memberships. We also visit clinics, providing high definition photographs, virtual tours and real patient reviews, giving our patients the tools to make an honest assessment on whether a clinic or doctor is right for them. When having any medical treatment is pays to find someone trustworthy – it’s your body, after all, and you need to look after it.

What’s involved in a brow lift procedure and how long does it take?

There are several techniques for an eyebrow lift:

The endoscopic brow lift, which uses a long thin tube with a light and camera attached (an endoscope) inserted through small incisions in the scalp, enabling the surgeon to see and work on the internal structures in the forehead.

An open brow lift is where an incision to remove fat and excess skin is removed through a long incision which is made either in the hairline, or one of the creases in the forehead.

The limited incision technique uses a combination of both procedures and is good for crow’s feet rather than lines in the center of the brow.

Average time to perform a brow lift procedure is 1-2 hours. Stitches are removed within a week and most people usually return to work after that.

What is the cost comparison of an Eyebrow lift in Mexico to the United States and Canada?

The average cost of an eyebrow lift in Mexico is approximately $2,000 whereas in the United States the average price is in the region of $5,000.

What now?

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