Eyebrow Lift in Cebu City

The Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Lift in Cebu City

Last fact-checked: 26 October 2020

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An eyebrow lift can help you get rid of wrinkles on your forehead, furrows, lines and even improve the natural arch of your eyebrows. Also called a browplasty, this surgical procedure is recommended if it is the upper part of your face that is making you look older. It can also help remove sagging skin around the area—one of the most noticeable signs of ageing. 

After an eyebrow lift, your face will look younger and you will lose that constantly fatigued look. Your eyes will look more open and makeup will be easier to apply. It's also worth noting that a browplasty may be combined with other surgery, such as a lower facelift or neck lift.

Why Consider Eyebrow Lift in Cebu City?

Cebu City in the Philippines has a growing number of private medical facilities that are geared towards treating patients from overseas. Staffed by qualified surgeons and nurses, these are gaining popularity not only for their quality but also for their low prices—often as much as 70% less than back home. 

As far as the "holiday" part of your medical holiday is concerned, there is plenty to do and see in Cebu City. The second-largest city in the Philippines, Cebu presents a splendid mix of old and new, with glistening towers and old-world houses standing side by side in some areas.

It's also easy to escape the city, with the chance to go island hopping (there literally thousands to see in the Philippines) via ferry or speedboat from the nearby coastline. 

Finally, the Philippines is a fairly easy-to-reach country thanks to extensive international flight routes and inexpensive fares. This is particularly true for Australians and Kiwis who can fly directly into Cebu City.

Why Book with Medical Departures?

Booking through Medical Departures is a safer option than simply searching online and going direct. That is because we endeavour to work only with the best medical providers, carrying out our own pre-screening checks before we partner with any medical facility. Our checks include:

  • Searching criminal/legal records
  • Collating and publishing real patient reviews
  • Verifying doctor and surgeon qualifications
  • Confirming professional memberships

When booking with Medical Departures, you are also assured of the best prices online, as well as 24/7 customer service and assistance with other aspects of your medical trip such as insurance, hotel bookings, and finance.

How Long Does Eyebrow Lift Surgery Take and What Does the Recovery Entail?

Different techniques are used for this eyebrow lift surgery. Depending on your current appearance and what you target, your surgeon may advise an endoscopic, coronal or non-endoscopic lift. Each kind of procedure has its pros and cons and a competent surgeon will work according to the desired outcome.

Surgery should take between one and two hours and may be carried out under general or local anaesthesia. While it can be done as an outpatient procedure, you may need to spend a night in hospital, especially if the work required is more extensive and general anaesthesia is used. 

You will need to take extra care post-surgery, using ice packs to reduce swelling and bruising and also take antibiotics and painkillers. While you may have distress post-surgery, you should be mobile by the next day, though you will have some activity restrictions.

Stitches if used or staples will be removed after around 10 days and you should estimate a week or two before you can resume work.

What Is the Cost of an Eyebrow Lift in Cebu City?

If you live in Australia, you can expect to pay around AUD $6,000 for this procedure. In Cebu City, you will pay a fraction of that price, at around AUD $1,700 for an eyebrow lift. 

[Please note: these prices are approximate estimates based on international data, calculated at the time of writing. You can check the clinics pages on our site to obtain the latest, most accurate pricing.]

How Do I Get Started?

To see updated prices, as well as photos, surgeon profiles, patient reviews and location maps, check out AOS Plastic Clinic, a highly-rated clinic in Cebu City for brow lift surgery.

To book through Medical Departures, look below and find some easy ways to contact us. Our Customer Care Team can also address any of your concerns and guide you through the booking process at any time of day or night.


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(Image by Patrick Tumalad)