Facelift in Costa Rica

The Ultimate Guide to Facelift in Costa Rica

Last fact-checked: 20 August 2020

Although visible signs of aging may be a part of life, a facelift in Costa Rica can turn back the hands of time and give you that refreshed, youthful look you are seeking. And the reason for heading to beautiful Costa Rica for surgery? Simple: the country is home to excellent plastic surgery clinics that offer this and many other cosmetic procedures for thousands less than back home. 

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What Is a Facelift?

Along with improving the loss of skin tone, a facelift can also help to improve the appearance of creases around your eyelids, around the mouth, and the jowls. Sagging skin is typically the result of various conditions, including stress, genetics, environmental conditions to which you may have been exposed, and of course, that pesky law of gravity.

Also known as a rhytidectomy, this restorative procedure isn't going to change the basic appearance of your face; instead, it will subtly improve the contours and shape of your face. Patients considering a facelift should set realistic expectations and be aware that while effective, this procedure will not stop the aging process (it will just help hide it!)

Why Should I Consider a Facelift in Costa Rica?

Snorkeling, world-class surfing, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, mountain biking, lush tropical rainforests, miles of pristine beaches, and cultural visits to indigenous people are just a few of the reasons to visit Costa Rica. Add in the fact that Costa Rica has a first-class health system with English-speaking doctors, and much lower costs compared to other parts of the world and it is easy to see why so many people are now taking advantage of the opportunity to travel here for their medical procedures.

The medical facilities we have partnered with in Costa Rica all adhere to stringent quality standards, including those established by the Joint Commission International (the world's largest and most respected health accreditation agency) and the  International Standards Organization.

Having said that, it is still important to do your own background research; simply Googling and going for the first place that matches your budget is always a gamble. This is where using a trusted online medical booking agency such as Medical Departures helps. Our goal is to ensure you find a highly qualified facility and surgeon with an impeccable reputation. But why should you trust us?

  • We begin our background checks by confirming the qualifications and professional memberships of all surgeons we work with.
  • Our process also includes performing criminal and legal checks.
  • We visit facilities in person prior to including them on our listing pages to ensure strict standards on hygiene and safety are adhered to. 
  • Finally, we conduct real patient interviews to find out what others (who have actually used that facility and physician) have to say.
  • And as a bonus, when you book through our site, you can take advantage of our Best Price Guarantee, and change or cancel your appointment at any time - for free. 

What Does a Facelift Entail and What Should I Expect from Recovery?

Prior to your procedure, you will meet with your surgeon to discuss your individual goals from a facelift. The manner in which your surgeon proceeds will be based on your goals and desires. A number of techniques may be used to achieve the look you desire. Such techniques include the removal and/or addition of fat, as well as the use of soft-tissue fillers. The most common areas to be targeted in a facelift include the jawline, jowls, midface, cheeks, and forehead.

Incisions will be made in various areas of the face in accordance with what both you and your surgeon have decided on in terms of your desired aesthetic result. Your surgeon will need to separate the skin from the face and neck while also manipulating the muscles and tissues within the skin. Layers of skin will also be lifted and repositioned, usually along the temples, cheeks, and neck. Based on your goals, it may be necessary to remove excess fat and skin. In some cases, implants will be inserted to add cheek or chin volume. Finally, the skin will be redraped and incisions closed using sutures or metal clips. A facelift usually takes up to four hours.

Following your procedure, you should expect the presence of drain tubes to help minimize swelling. Supportive dressings are also commonly used. Your healthcare team may advise you to rest in a reclining position to reduce swelling after your surgery. You should avoid bending over and keep your head elevated.

Regarding your recovery, it is worth noting that: 

  • Pain and discomfort are common following a facelift but side-effects can be managed with oral painkillers.
  • Bruising and swelling are also common; over the course of the next couple of weeks, this should subside.
  • You may use cold compresses to help with any bruising or swelling you experience.
  • Dressings and drain tubes can be removed within two days following your procedure. Stitches may need to stay in place for a week to 10 days.

How Much Can I Save on a Facelift in Costa Rica Compared to the US and Canada?

The average cost of a facelift in Costa Rica is $3,500 (GBP £2,491, EUR €3,227, AUD $4,820) compared to an average of $18,000 (GBP £12,397, EUR €16,159, AUD $25,369 in the United States.

With these kinds of prices in Costa Rica, it is common for our clients to save around $10,000 in total after factoring in travel and accommodation costs. 

You can get started now by taking a look at these three leading facelift clinics in Costa Rica:

How Do I Get Started?

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