Facelift in Johor Bahru

The Ultimate Guide to Facelift in Johor Bahru

Discover a world of affordable facelifts in Johor Bahru. A stone’s throw from Singapore – it is an easily accessible destination for international travelers who can fly here directly, take a 10 minute train journey from Singapore or fly internally from Kuala Lumpur. The city is a well-known tourist destination and provides ample amenities for both medical and traditional tourists.

Why have a facelift in Johor Bahru?

Johor Bahru is the economic center of Johor state. It is modern with all the services 21st-century travelers need and expect. From those bastions of modern-day living - the air-conditioned shopping malls – to international hotels and fine dining experiences, as well as golf courses and a 25 kilometre stretch of recreational waterfront at Danga Bay there is more than enough to keep visitors content for the duration of their stay.

The city is also convenient for travelers who want to take in more of either Malaysia and its unique flora and fauna (it is one of 17 megadiverse countries on the planet), or other nearby countries, including Singapore and Indonesia.

Patients considering facelifts in Johor Bahru can feel comforted that medical facilities are of a high standard and that there are a good number of professionals who are well trained and highly qualified. Malaysia is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourists with:

• Excellent recuperation facilities
• A stable environment – it is a peaceful country with no major political disturbances
• No language problems – English is widely spoken throughout, and particularly so by the medical community.

We would, of course, always advise you to do your own background checks on any prospective surgeons or facilities. Cosmetic surgery has been described as part art, part science, and with something as important as your face you should check and double-check credentials. Any reliable surgeon and facility will be only too pleased to give you information regarding their experience and previous work – don’t be afraid to ask for photographs or to be put in touch with previous clients.

At Medical Departures we do our own background checks too – so you know that our facilities have been visited by us, and we’ve confirmed doctor qualifications and professional memberships. We also provide real patient reviews and high-definition photos on our site of the clinics.

What is the procedure for a facelift and how long does it take?

The facelift procedure varies as it depends on the nature of the work that is being done – it can take only a couple of hours, but it can also take up to 8. There are various techniques for facelifts, any one of which can be undertaken, depending on your surgeon’s own preferences and your own particular circumstances.

The brief outline of a facelift is that incisions are made in the skin, usually around the temple and behind the ears which allows the surgeon to access the structures of the face, neck and forehead and leaving minimal hidden scarring. The surgeon works by tightening and repositioning the ligaments and muscles beneath the skin, removing loose skin and tissue, pulling everything taut and reaffixing it.

What is the recovery time for a facelift?

After a facelift you will be swollen and bruised and your face will feel tight. It may take some weeks before you start to feel yourself again, although this may only be days if you have had a mini-lift.

Your surgeon will let you know when you are able to wash your hair and perform other routine tasks. Bending should be avoided and lying on your back in an elevated position will more likely be the most comfortable option for sleeping.

You should take things slowly and avoid strenuous activities for at least 6 weeks.

What is the cost of a facelift in Johor Bahru compared to Australia?

Facelifts in Johor Bahru are typically less than 50% of the price they are in Australia.

What now?

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