Facial Liposuction in Bali

The Ultimate Guide to Facial Liposuction in Bali

Facial liposuction in Bali will enable you to get better facial contours by removing fat. If you’d like to have a bit of an activity holiday prior to your procedure and then take it easy, relaxing and recuperating for a week afterward, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds here.

Facial fat is often stubborn and not easy to remove. Even with diet and exercise you still may be left with fat deposits in the face.

The plastic surgeon who does this work is like an artist because he should know how much fat to remove and from which area to enhance your facial appearance. Liposuction always works if you have good skin elasticity as the skin needs to spring back when the fat is removed, otherwise, you may get unwanted skin sagging. For this reason, it is often combined with other procedures to give an even better result. Most of the time facial liposuction is done on younger people as older people may opt for facial liposuction as part of a facelift.

Why consider facial liposuction in Bali?

Bali offers good quality medical care at reasonable prices. It is easily accessible from destinations like Australia thanks to the international airport that is serviced by major international airlines. It has high-quality hospitals and clinics with good facilities that rival the best in the world. It is also a prime tourist destination so you can combine a holiday along with some cosmetic surgery procedures.

Slow to establish a medical tourism industry, unlike some neighboring Asian countries, Indonesia is now investing heavily in Bali’s healthcare facilities. New, state-of-the-art hospitals are now springing up – some with international accreditation, like Joint Commission International. Doctors are well-qualified and you’ll find hospitals cater particularly for plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.

We know it isn’t an easy decision to take and book on your own when you are going to a foreign country for plastic surgery treatment. After all, you are not on your home ground. You do not know how good the doctors are, what kind of medical facility you will do you booking at and even the qualifications of the doctors. It is not as if a doctor in your own country is going to recommend someone in another country for plastic surgery. This simply adds to your risk factors.

This is where Medical Departures comes to your aid. We offer an assurance of the best price guarantee, the fact that we check the qualifications, experience and accreditations of the doctors, the amenities at the medical center and even aspects you would not think of. This minimizes your risk and maximizes your safety.

How long does facial liposuction take and what is the recovery period?

As there are many different liposuction techniques, the doctor is the best person to decide which one will be suitable for the problems you want to address. If you have liposuction done in many areas, you may require general anesthesia, otherwise local is usually sufficient. Some doctors make very minute incisions and simply put bandages, but no stitches, while others will hide the stitches in areas where they will not be visible. One of the most important parts of the procedure is the markings the doctor will make prior to the procedure. The process should take between half an hour to an hour.

Again, some doctors will want you to use a compression garment, while others have now dispensed with it, except temporarily. You may need to use ice packs to reduce swelling and bruising and even need to take painkillers is required. You should be generally mobile, though may you want to rest for 24 hours. If you have had extensive work done, you may not want to go out for a week, depending on the visibility of the bruising. Complete results can take two to three months to be apparent.

What is the cost of facial liposuction in Bali compared to Australia or New Zealand?

Facial liposuction in Australia is around AUD $10,000 (NZD $10,600; EURO €7,000; UK £6,100; US $7,600; CAN $10,000). You’ll save at least 50% in Bali.

What now?

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