Facial Liposuction in South Korea

The Ultimate Guide to Facial Liposuction in South Korea

Discover the benefits of facial liposuction in South Korea for restoring your youthful looks with our experienced, quality-checked surgeons.

Facial liposuction, or liposculpture as it is also known, is not a substitute for weight loss, but it does help with recontouring the face to recreate a young look, and it is helpful in younger people who have stubborn fat pockets. It can help to improve double chins, turkey/wattle necks and jowls and may performed on its own, or in combination with another facial cosmetic procedure.

Why have facial liposuction in South Korea?

In terms of experience South Korea has a lot of it. Worldwide 20 million cosmetic surgery procedures were performed in 2014, with 1 million of them in South Korea. More cosmetic surgery per capita is performed here than any other country, and it is estimated that in some sections of society (notably young women) fifty percent have had some form of cosmetic surgery.

South Korea is an up-and-coming destination in terms of medical tourists. While plastic surgery is commonplace among the local population the country hasn’t marketed itself to international clients like other Asian countries (notably Thailand). This is changing as the Government has realized that medical tourism is an economically viable proposition and money is being invested to take advantage of it.

South Korea already has a decent infrastructure – it is a modern country and home to Samsung – one of the world’s technology giants. High speed internet, HDTV and bullet trains are readily available throughout the country, reflecting South Korea’s status as a 21st century nation.

Healthcare facilities are, as you would expect, good. Modern hospitals and clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and medical staff are skilled, qualified and experienced.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do a little investigating yourself. Facilities are good, but it’s always worthwhile doing your own due diligence. Make sure you choose wisely. Nothing is foolproof but by checking a number of things, such as doctor qualifications, professional memberships and online testimonials you can build up a picture of reliability.

What is the procedure for facial liposuction and how long does it take?

Facial liposuction is usually carried out with a local anesthetic. Small incisions are made through which a narrow tube is passed that releases a saline solution into the fat to liquefy it so it can be sucked out easily. The incisions are made in inconspicuous areas – often through the inside of the mouth – so that no scarring will be visible after the procedure.

The procedure usually lasts for around an hour.

What is the cost of facial liposuction in South Korea compared to Australia?

Facial liposuction in South Korea costs around 50% less than it does in Australia.

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(Image by: Hajo Schatz)