Facial Liposuction in Bangkok

The Ultimate Guide to Facial Liposuction in Bangkok

Facial liposuction (also known as submental or submentum liposuction) can be very effective at removing tiny amounts of fat in the lower part of the face below the nostrils. It is usually performed in combination with liposuction under the jawline to remove a double chin to give you a slimmer and more sculpted jawline – which makes the upper face more prominent.

Am I a suitable candidate for facial liposuction?

Facial liposuction is much less of an ordeal than a facelift and the results can be more natural. Unwanted fat can be removed from under the chin and neck, improving or banishing jowls, turkey neck and double chins. It is sometimes used in combination with a facial rejuvenation procedure.

If you are planning on losing weight you will be better postponing any facial liposuction procedure until you have reached your goal. Discuss your objectives with your surgeon who will help you to come to an understanding about what can realistically be achieved.

What are the benefits of having facial liposuction in Bangkok?

Bangkok is a specialist city in terms of cosmetic and esthetic surgical and non-surgical procedures. There are many excellent doctors and surgeons who are well-trained and experienced, world-class facilities and, of course, the services and infrastructure that Bangkok offers visitors.

Facial liposuction is a quick procedure and is far less invasive than facelift surgery. Most people feel fine after a couple of days and are able to resume their everyday activities, even though bruising and swelling may look severe.

In Bangkok you will find a host of clinics offering all sorts of health, well-being, medical, cosmetic and beauty services, so we would always recommend you choose with care. Find out all you can about the procedure you are interested in - not just because reading about a procedure is likely to trigger questions in your own mind which you will want to have answered satisfactorily, but also because you will want to ensure that a particular procedure is going to give you the results you require.

It is important to feel at ease with your choice of surgeon and clinic. Knowing background information about qualifications, professional memberships, training and seeing photos of the facilities can help in this respect. With Medical Departures, you can see this information online - and while you may not be able to see the facilities yourself before you go, we actually do perform onsite visits, and provide high definition photos and virtual video tours so you can get a good idea. If we aren’t happy with what we see, we don’t list on our website.

What is involved in the procedure for facial liposuction?

The procedure takes up to an hour to perform, and you will be given a local anesthetic and light sedation. The procedure doesn’t vary too much from any other liposuction, except that the cannula (tube) used to suck out the fat is a lot thinner.

A small incision of between 2 and 4 centimeters will be made in the angle of your jaw, beneath the chin or between your gums and the bottom of your inner lower lip. In traditional liposuction, the cannula is inserted and moved around to break up the fat, but ultrasound technology may be used, which uses soundwaves to break up the fat. The fat is then vacuumed out and the wounds closed.

What is the recovery time for facial liposuction?

You will probably have some mild pain and discomfort which will be controlled with prescribed pain medication, or over-the-counter pain killers. You will have a little bruising or swelling which will subside slowly over the next week or so.

You will probably be able to return to work after a week, although some people go back much quicker – especially if they wear high-neck clothing or a scarf to hide their wounds.

What is the cost of facial liposuction in Bangkok, compared with Australia or New Zealand?

The cost for facial liposuction in Bangkok is approximately AUD $1,300 compared to AUD $2,600 in Australia.

What now?

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