Facial Wrinkles in Tijuana

The Ultimate Guide to Facial Wrinkles in Tijuana

Looking at affordable anti-ageing treatments? Discover how facial wrinkle treatments in Tijuana can take years off your face, and make less of a dent in your purse.

Finding the most effective treatments for your lines and wrinkles can be something of a minefield – there’s so many to choose from that the choice can be overwhelming. There’s also a big difference in prices as well as how many treatments you’ll need - some may be one-off treatments, whereas for others you may need to have the treatments repeated to keep up the effects.

Tijuana offers cost-effective, high-quality facial wrinkle treatment options to international patients – whether they live near the Border, and it makes financial sense to pop over to Mexico to have a top-up dermal filler or neurotoxin treatment, or if they are further afield and are considering lower-cost surgery options.

Getting an overview and establishing what you need is an important part of the process of getting rid of those dreaded wrinkles, so read on to find out more:

Why should I have facial wrinkle treatments in Tijuana?

The cost is one of the main factors people have facial wrinkle treatments in Tijuana. For surgical procedures which cost thousands of pounds, you can save around 60%. Non-surgical treatments usually cost a lot less than surgery, so the savings aren’t so great – but if you live near enough to Tijuana then you could still save $100 or more for each treatment session, so it might be worth the trip.

Whether you are going for surgery, or otherwise, there are a great many high-quality options for you to choose from. Being so close to the Border, and therefore easily accessible for North Americans, hospitals and clinics have opened their doors to international patients. Those that are geared to treating medical tourists are typically on a par with the facilities you would expect at home, often modern and equipped with the latest technology, and staffed by skilled medics and ancillary workers. It isn’t unusual to find doctors who have undertaken specialist training in the US, with memberships of US professional organizations, as well as international ones, such as the International Societh of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

When you book with Medical Departures you can expect to receive good quality. We pre-check our clinics – we look for criminal or legal proceedings, confirm professional memberships, verify qualifications and obtain patient testimonials. You can check this out under the listings on our website, alongside clinic photos, maps, virtual tours and much more – enabling you to get a full picture and decide whether a particular clinic is for you.

What treatments are available for facial wrinkles in Tijuana?

The first thing to decide is whether you want surgery or not, as treatments can roughly be divided between surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Surgical treatments include facelifts – full and mini, as well as specific areas, including eye bags removal, forehead lifts, nose jobs, ear pinning, chin and neck procedures.

Non-surgical treatments include injectables that minimize wrinkles by freezing the underlying muscles, such as Botox; injectables like dermal fillers that add volume, such as Restylane; skin resurfacing treatments, including chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing and dermal rollering which encourage the production of newer, healthier skin by various methods.

There is a big range of treatments to combat facial wrinkles, and it’s always worth doing a little research yourself, and asking the advice of qualified practitioners who will be able to give you more of an indication of what is suitable for you.

What now?

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