Forehead Lift

The Ultimate Guide to Forehead Lift

The forehead lift can have a tremendous effect on your appearance; addressing several areas of aging in one fell swoop. Also known as the brow lift it tightens the soft tissues, in turn restoring a more youthful contour to the forehead, skin and upper eyelids and repositioning the eyebrows which will literally take years off your face.

Due to constant muscle movement, gravity and our vast range of facial expressions, the forehead can show our age more than we’d like it to. Deep horizontal lines, grooves and creases across the forehead, frown lines or furrows between the eyebrows and the top of the nose are aging. Low, sagging eyebrows, excess skin or fatty tissue around the eyes may give a tired, stressed, angry, drowsy or sad appearance, but don’t worry, it can all be rectified.

What is the procedure for a forehead lift?

Surgical techniques vary depending on your surgeon’s preferences and what is deemed right for your particular circumstances.

The traditional forehead lift technique takes up to two hours to perform and should only ever be carried out by a qualified, skilled plastic surgeon under general anesthetic. It involves one continuous cut from the tip of the ears, right up through the hairline avoiding a visible scar whenever possible. The skin is lifted so that lines and wrinkles are smoothed out and the eyebrows are repositioned giving a more alert appearance. Excess skin is removed and the incision is sealed with sutures.

Also carried out under general anesthetic, the patient is unconscious throughout the endoscopic forehead lift. Several smaller, inconspicuous incisions are made into the scalp and a tiny camera is inserted into the opening. The pictures are then relayed onto a monitor allowing the surgeon can see more clearly what needs to be done. Small anchors are used to lift and secure the tissue internally but this time, no excess skin is removed which ensures a more natural result and preserves the integrity of the hairline. The incisions are closed using sutures and because the cuts are smaller, the recovery time is greatly reduced.

What is the recovery time expected to be after a forehead lift?

Following surgery the upper part of your face is likely to feel tender and tight. Expect swelling and bruising, which will be relieved will pain medication. Stitches are usually removed after a week, by which time your bruising and swelling should be subsiding nicely.

Showering or bathing are usually permitted the day after surgery, and you may wash your hair very carefully - making sure you keep the wound area dry. If using a hairdryer use a cool setting. You may find it more comfortable to lie in an elevated position, on your back for several days.

After a day or two you can partake in light, everyday activities, but do try to avoid bending and lifting. It will take up to 3 weeks before you can engage in more regular activities and up to 6 weeks before you can do vigorous exercise.

The final results are reached between one and two months after surgery.

A forehead lift will completely rejuvenate your appearance and will be effective for around 10 years. Scarring will be minimal and incisions are hidden within the hairline.

What is the cost of a forehead lift abroad?

Forehead lifts in Mexico cost around $2,500 (£1,700 or AUD $3,500) compared to $7,000 in the United States; $5,000 in the UK and AUD $10,000 in Australia.