Gastric Band in Mexico City

The Ultimate Guide to Gastric Band in Mexico City

Last fact-checked: 4 October 2020

Having a gastric band fitted in Mexico City can help you turn your life around while saving thousands compared to costs in North America.

Bariatric surgery can be an expensive undertaking but with the medical expertise and modern facilities available in Mexico City, you can make substantial savings compared to domestic prices without having to risk your health. 

Why Consider Gastric Band Surgery in Mexico City?

For many considering having a gastric band fitted, which is also known as a LAP-BAND®, the cost can be prohibitive. The procedure could set you back tens of thousands of dollars in the United States whereas, in Mexico City, you are likely to pay less than half of this.

The Mexican government has invested heavily in the country’s medical infrastructure and medical tourism is an expanding part of the Mexican economy. There is an abundance of modern medical facilities available, all equipped with the latest technologies and staffed by internationally trained doctors geared towards catering for the needs of international patients.

How Do I Find a Reputable Bariatric Surgery in Mexico City?

To ensure that you receive the best treatment possible, you should invest a little time researching potential clinics and doctors that can offer you the results and services that you need - and this is where Medical Departures can help.

We have compiled a list of reputable surgeons and facilities that you can browse free of charge on our site. To be entered in our listings, doctors and clinics have to pass a range of background checks that include verifying individual qualifications and validating professional memberships with organizations such as the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders. We perform on-site visits to ensure that each facility is properly equipped, and we post clinic photographs and reviews from real patients to help you make your choice.

How Long Does Gastric Band Surgery Take and What Is Involved?

The procedure usually takes around an hour for the band to be fitted and, in most instances, patients are discharged on the same day or the following day after their operation.

The procedure itself involves a band being stitched into place to encircle the upper part of the stomach. A balloon is attached to the band just below the surface of the skin, and this balloon is inflated using a saline solution until the desired tightness is achieved.

As a result, your stomach capacity is reduced which means that you will feel fuller whilst eating less and, therefore, maximize your weight loss.

Learn more about what gastric band (LAP-BAND) surgery entails here

What Is the Recovery Time for a Gastric Band?

You should expect to have a short stay in hospital immediately after your surgery but, generally, recovery times are fairly quick; this is because there is no re-routing of the intestines involved in the procedure and none of the stomach is actually removed. This means that the treatment is a lot less painless than open bariatric surgery, resulting in this shorter recovery period.

Following surgery:

  • For the first two to three weeks after you’ve had the gastric band fitted you will be restricted to only eating pureed food.
  • You can then start to introduce soft foods into your diet and gradually build up to eating solids again.
  • Once fully onto solids, you will find that you feel full very quickly as your stomach’s capacity will only hold about a tablespoon of food.

You may also experience some side effects as your body adapts to the reduction in calories that you are now consuming. These can include:

  • Dry skin
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • Aches & pains

These symptoms are temporary and should subside within three to six months of your surgery.

How Much Can I Save on Gastric Band Surgery in Mexico City?

Each clinic will obviously have its own price, but you should expect to make savings of at least 50% compared to the cost that you would expect to be charged domestically.

As reference, in the United States, a gastric band procedure will set you back anywhere between USD $7,650-$12,200, which equates to CAD $10,050-$16,100, AUD $10,000-$16,000, GBP £6,000-£9,600 or Euros 6,800-10,900.

Note: these are approximate figures calculated at the time of writing. To see some of the latest prices on offer, as well as photos, reviews and surgeon profiles, take a look at these top facilities in Mexico City for gastric bands:

What Next?

To book your appointment for a gastric band procedure in Mexico City follow the links below. If you want to learn more about your options, get in touch with our Customer Care Team today.


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