In Vitro Fertilization in Malaysia

The Ultimate Guide to In Vitro Fertilization in Malaysia

In vitro fertilization in Malaysia is a boon for women who have conception problems and who have been medically recommended to try it. Some women may have blocked fallopian tubes, either naturally or due to some ailment due to which they are unable to conceive naturally. At times, men may have sperm with low motility or not enough sperm. Occasionally both problems may exist in a couple, making conception difficult or impossible.

The procedure is in vitro because the actual conception occurs outside the body. Earlier babies resulting from this procedure were known as test tube babies. As one of the modern assisted reproductive techniques or ARTs, in vitro fertilization is now a fairly routine procedure and has enabled many women who were thought to be infertile to have babies.

Why get in-vitro fertilization done in Malaysia?

Some women are fortunate in that they get pregnant in the first trial of IVF or in vitro fertilization. Others may have to undergo repeated cycles to get pregnant. This can work out to be very expensive as insurance only covers a restricted number of cycles and that too if you, as a couple, meet the other criteria.

Malaysia is a beautiful country and a premier tourist destination. It is also well known for its modern medical facilities, with some Joint Commission International accredited facilities - the gold standard in health care accreditation. You can combine a holiday with your IVF dream in Malaysia, particularly if you have to stay for a few months – the cost of living is affordable and you have lots to do here.

Why can’t you book on your own for the procedure?

If you have been trying to get pregnant and tried other things, you have already gone to lots of doctors and undergone many medical procedures and diagnostic tests to consider in vitro fertilization. As such you don’t really want to take any risks when it comes to trying out this ART to have a successful pregnancy.

Booking through Medical Departures will help you as we check out the clinics and hospitals, the accreditations of the doctors and their qualifications. This provides you with reassurance that you are going to get the best possible medical treatment in Malaysia at an affordable rate.

How much time does IVF take and is there any downtime after that?

While in vitro fertilization is not a complicated procedure, there is always a time frame and a risk factor. The doctors who specialize in fertility treatments really don’t want that you should undergo the whole process repeatedly so, at a particular time in your cycle, you have to take special pills or injections that stimulate the growth of multiple eggs. When the eggs are to be retrieved, you are given anesthesia and the eggs retrieved. The male partner should be around at that time so that he can give semen.

The eggs and semen are then put together and conception takes place in incubating devices. After cell division has taken place the embryos are transferred to the uterus. At least two to three embryos may be transferred at a time to increase the chances of successful implantation. At this stage, you may want to get other successful embryos frozen so that you can have another pregnancy later or for use if the present cycle is not successful.

Depending on the general state of your health you may have to rest for a day or two, though if you have no other problems, the doctor may advise you to carry on your normal activities. After 12-14 days, the doctors will be able to tell if you are pregnant or not with a blood test. After that, thanks to ultrasound you will learn how many embryos are present, so it is important to discuss this at length with the doctor, otherwise you can have multiple births if all goes well.

What is the cost of in-vitro fertilization in Malaysia?

In Australia, if you have to pay out of your pocket, it will cost you around AUD 8,000 per cycle. If you need more than one cycle for successful pregnancy, it can be quite expensive. In Malaysia, you can pay about AUD 5,000 upwards. If you have frozen embryos, the cost of implantation in subsequent cycles will be a fraction of the initial cost.

What now?

Your age and your general health play an important part in successful pregnancy. So don’t wait and book your procedure now with Medical Departures. Our customer care team will answer all your queries.

In vitro fertilization in Malaysia will enable you to have that much wanted baby.

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