In Vitro Fertilization in Tijuana

The Ultimate Guide to In Vitro Fertilization in Tijuana

Last fact-checked: 11 August 2020

Fertility treatments are known to be expensive, and many couples find they cannot afford treatment—or afford to continue treatment as several rounds of IVF are often needed. However, with massive savings on in vitro fertilization in Tijuana, many North Americans have affordable options for getting pregnant thanks to the high quality over the border coupled with prices around 60% lower than back home.

Just a 20-minute drive away from San Diego airport, traveling to Mexico for fertility treatment makes sense if you are struggling with the costs at home. Discover how you can book your potentially life-changing trip with Medical Departures. 

Why Should I Go to Tijuana for In Vitro Fertilization?

The overwhelming driver for many people traveling to Tijuana for IVF is the cost. One round of IVF in the US is expensive, and this soon adds up as data suggests that two or three cycles are often required. For the over-40’s, the probability of multiple cycles increases.

Tijuana is a convenient location, especially for North Americans. Flying in, you can choose between Tijuana and San Diego, both of which are international airports. With quick car hire, you can drive directly to your choice of clinic or hotel. For those not driving, many of the clinics offer transportation—either from the border or airport.

Tijuana’s close proximity to the Border means that English is spoken widely and you will have no problems speaking with medical and other clinic staff if you don’t speak Spanish. In fact, there is a growing number of top healthcare facilities in the area that cater specifically to international patients. 

Medical tourism is one of Mexico's biggest success stories of late, with new, technologically-advanced facilities staffed by experts with considerable expertise offering world-class services that wouldn’t be out of place in any first-world country.

Globalization has ensured that training methods and new techniques are quickly disseminated throughout the world, and professional organizations, such as the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology just as likely to have members from Tijuana as much as members from their own locations.

Why Book IVF Treatment in Tijuana with Medical Departures?

A large task for any patient planning treatment abroad is choosing a reputable clinic. Most begin their search online, although it can be challenging to make sense of it all.

Medical Departures offers a trustworthy, streamlined resource. We have helped more than 100,000 patients obtain high-quality, affordable healthcare around the world thanks to a number of strict checks we do on each clinic and hospital listed on our site. These include:

  • Personally looking at any legal or criminal records

  • Verifying doctor qualifications and professional memberships 

  • Collecting and publishing real patient reviews and testimonials on our site—good or bad

  • Taking and publishing clinic photos and virtual tours so you can see for yourself what the place is like

We also have a dedicated Customer Care Team on hand to answer any questions and to help with any aspects of your trip, from accommodation and travel queries to booking appointments.

What Is the Procedure for IVF and How Long Will I Need to Spend in Tijuana?

Each cycle of IVF treatment will require you to be in Tijuana for between 7-10 days, usually following these five stages:

  1. To stimulate egg production, medication is given and you will be monitored with scans and blood tests to check for egg development. 

  2. Once the eggs have developed they will be collected via a minor surgical procedure

  3. A sperm sample will then be collected and combined with the eggs under laboratory conditions. 

  4. The eggs will be checked closely for signs of fertilization (when the cells begin to divide). 

  5. Once fertilized, the eggs, now called embryos, are transferred to the uterus, some 3-5 days later.

What is the cost of IVF treatment in Tijuana, compared to the United States and Canada?

In Tijuana, IVF costs around $3,500 (CAN $4,500 GBP £2,300; €3,000; AUD $4,800), compared to $12,500 in the United States (CAN $16,100; GBP £8,100; €11,000; AUD $17,000). [Please note: these prices are approximate estimates based on international data, calculated at the time of writing.]

To get started, take a look at these leading clinics in Tijuana for IVF:

Booking with Medical Departures

Find out more about our quality-checked clinics and what they offer. Book your appointment online or through our Customer Care Team and look forward to saving almost $10,000 on in vitro fertilization at one of our partner clinics Tijuana.  Or if you are ready to book your appointment, you can do so right here any time of the day or night, at no charge to you.


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