In Vitro Fertilization in Phuket Province

The Ultimate Guide to In Vitro Fertilization in Phuket Province

Last fact-checked: 3 October 2020

In vitro fertilization in Phuket can help you achieve your long-awaited dreams of becoming a parent for thousands less than back home. 

This treatment is a scientific blessing for those couples who are unable to conceive naturally. Find out more and book your course of IVF in Thailand with Medical Departures. 

What Is IVF?

During in vitro fertilization, the process of birth is initiated outside the body of the woman. As the name suggests, this procedure allows male sperm to fertilize the female's eggs in a laboratory setting; after the then-fertilized eggs have matured enough to establish a pregnancy, they are implanted into the uterus of the woman.

In vitro fertilization has helped millions of couples across the world to conceive when traditional means have proven unsuccessful. Remarkably this treatment gives hope to average women who have a zero or close-to-zero percent chance of becoming pregnant by natural processes.

Robert G Edwards was the pioneering physiologist who successfully administered the first in vitro fertilization in 1978. His efforts to develop such an astonishing treatment were acknowledged in 2010 when he was awarded a Nobel Prize.

Many famous celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion have successfully given birth to children with the help of in vitro fertilization.

Why Consider In Vitro Fertilization in Phuket?

Experts in vitro fertilization doctors in Phuket are making it possible for couples to conceive and make their long-awaited dreams of becoming parents come true.

Undergoing this procedure in Phuket is suitable for international patients because they can ease the emotional stress related to the process, said to be an important factor associated with success, by visiting some of the islands and beaches that are renowned for their natural beauty and idyllic settings.

Patients have reported that the warm weather and tourist-friendly environment in Phuket, among other exotic destinations, makes them feel relaxed, encouraging them to go through with this important phase of their life.

The quality of the medical facilities is generally excellent and there are many JCI-accredited facilities throughout Thailand as a testament to this.

Finding Specialist IVF Facilities in Phuket with Medical Departures

Medical Departures makes it straightforward to choose your desired treatment at the most suitable clinic for you. We fully understand the expectations of our patients and we conduct quality checks to sort our best clinics for you. Only those clinics with a good reputation make it onto our lists. Our team checks the qualifications of medical staff and verifies their international accreditations so that you can get the optimum treatment at an affordable price.

Our friendly Customer Care Team is always ready to answer any of your queries or concerns about your long-awaited in vitro fertilization in Phuket. Don't forget to ask about our Best Price Guarantee, or other services we offer, such as financing and insurance. 

How Does In Vitro Fertilization Work?

The process of retrieving the sperm and eggs from the male and female donors can be different according to age group and patients’ specific sexual health conditions.

Typically, the doctor will stimulate the female ovaries with the help of medication so that “ready to fertilize” eggs can be retrieved later. Retrieval is done by sedating the patient.

The retrieved eggs are inserted into a test tube with sperm and a medical solution to let the eggs fertilize. From these fertilized eggs, healthy embryos are selected to be implanted into the female body and from then onwards the whole process is the same as a normal pregnancy.

You are advised to quit smoking to increase the chances of successful IVF.

How Long Does One In Vitro Fertilization Cycle Take?

  • Between one and two weeks are normally required to prepare the eggs for fertilization.
  • The sperm fertilizes the eggs within five to six days.
  • After that, you are required to spend a day at the clinic for the embryo to be planted into the uterus.
  • The procedure can be completed in as little as 7-10 days; to consult with your doctor in Phuket as to how long you will need to spend in Thailand. 

How Much Can I Save on the Cost of In Vitro Fertilization in Phuket Compared to Australia and New Zealand?

One cycle of in vitro fertilization in Phuket costs, on average AUD $3,500 compared to AUD $7,800 in Australia.

Take a look at the highly-recommended Bangkok Hospital (Phuket) to see the latest prices. 

What Next?

Find out more about our quality-checked Phuket IVF facilities and see what they can do for you.

If you’re ready to book, see below for easy ways to book an appointment, or contact our Customer Care Team if you’d like to know more about in vitro fertilization in Phuket.


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