Labiaplasty in Tijuana

The Ultimate Guide to Labiaplasty in Tijuana

Last fact-checked: 19 October 2020

Often used as part of a so-called "designer vagina" procedure, labiaplasty is one of the most popular vaginal rejuvenation techniques being sought by more and more women every year.

If the prices in North American are prohibitive (as this procedure won't be covered by medical insurance), one solution is to head south to Mexico.  In Tijuana, labiaplasty surgery costs at least 50% less compared to clinics in the US and Canada, making this an attractive option whether driving or flying. 

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Why Consider Labiaplasty in Tijuana?

Tijuana's convenient position on the US-Mexico border is particularly enticing for Americans and Canadians. International airports in nearby San Diego, as well as Tijuana, mean the city is easy to reach regardless of where you're based. If you live in the southern States (particularly California), driving across the border is certainly an option.

Labiaplasty procedures have increased considerably in popularity over the last few years, and while it is becoming more commonplace, it may well be that women who have the procedure done want to be discrete about it. Traveling to Tijuana will offer more privacy than their local hospital, where bumping into someone they know is more likely.

The procedure can be performed as an out-patient, so no overnight hospital stay is required – which could be another bonus for patients who would prefer to be back at home as soon as they can.

Tijuana is proving to a success story in terms of attracting medical tourists. This bustling commercial and cultural center offers modern clinics equipped with advanced technologies and English-speaking surgeons, many of whom are trained in the United States and have verifiable affiliations with international professional organizations

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What Does the Procedure for Labiaplasty Entail and How Long Does it Take?

A labiaplasty procedure typically takes between one and two hours. It can be carried out under a local anesthetic or a general and most patients return home the same day.

Essentially, a labiaplasty involves excess skin and unwanted tissue being removed from the inner, outer or both vaginal lips. This is done either using a scalpel or a laser. [Note: You and your surgeon will be able to discuss the exact technique, as well as your desired aesthetic result during an initial consultation].

To complete the procedure, the remaining tissue is stitched neatly back together with dissolvable stitches.

What Is the Recovery Time for Labiaplasty?

After surgery:

  • You are likely to experience discomfort and stinging, and you may notice some discoloration to the area, which will subside in the following weeks.
  • You should get up and about as soon as you can after the procedure, and although it may feel uncomfortable, walking around does help the healing process by reducing swelling.
  • Stitches will dissolve in around a week and you won’t be able to have a bath until then, although showering is usually permitted after 48 hours.
  • The overall recovery time is fairly swift, with most people returning to work after a week when most everyday activities should be fine. This will obviously depend on the nature of your job. 
  • Swimming, sex and vigorous exercise should be avoided for six weeks.

How Much Can I Save on Labiaplasty in Tijuana Compared to the United States and Canada?

The cost of labiaplasty in Tijuana is around 50% less compared to in the United States. This can often equate to savings of several thousand dollars, which is more than enough to cover your flights and other associated expenses with medical travel to Tijuana. 

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