Labiaplasty in Greater Seoul Area

The Ultimate Guide to Labiaplasty in Greater Seoul Area

Looking at affordable ways to get a labiaplasty? In Seoul you can save at least 50% on the cost of the procedure and you can get to have a holiday in this fascinating city.

Female genital surgery is becoming increasingly popular, and along with vaginoplasty, labiaplasty is one of the most requested options. Sometimes surgery is to correct a medical problem, but very often these days it is requested because of cosmetic reasons.

The labia are the two pairs of lips that surround the vagina – the labia majora and the labia minora (the outer and inner lips). Some women feel they are too big, or too loose, and are opting to have them reduced with a labiaplasty.

Why have labiaplasty in Seoul?

Seoul offers extremely keenly priced options for surgery, and is embraces a good choice for anyone on a budget. It compares very favourably with western prices, and even with more popular neighbouring countries.

As a holiday destination, it may not have the appeal of other destinations, such as Thailand, but it should do. It offers Westerners a fascinating glimpse into Asian culture with its mix of tradition and modernity. Seoul is an exciting, fast-paced city delivering every conceivable modern convenience and a wealth of pastimes to enjoy.

Seoul embraces new technologies and cosmetic surgery. There are plastic surgery clinics all over, and billboards advertising their services everywhere you look. It is a popular destination for Chinese and Japanese medical tourists as it offers reliable services at reasonable prices.

Medical Tourism is a growing industry here, and the government takes it very seriously as an important part of the economy. As with any country where medical tourism is popular, it stands to reason that if the services are good, the industry will continue to grow as foreign visitors will come. It is in everybody’s interests that standards remain high and healthy competition encourages this. Clinics are safe, hygienic and follow international standards laid down by organizations such as the ISO.

At Medical Departures we do our own research to make sure that patients booking with us can rely on quality-checked services. We do legal and criminal background checks, as well as checking out real patient testimonials, making our own onsite clinic visits and verifying doctor credentials. If we’re not happy, you won’t find them on our website.

What is the procedure for labiaplasty and how long does it take?

Labiaplasty doesn’t usually take very long 1 – 2 hours. It may be done with a general or local anesthetic. The unwanted tissue is removed from the labia either with a scalpel, or sometimes with a laser. The remaining tissue is stitched with dissolvable sutures.

What is the recovery time for labiaplasty?

The female genitalia heals surprisingly quickly, and recovery from a labiaplasty is fairly rapid. For a day or two after the procedure you will feel a little discomfort, and although walking is not likely to be comfortable it will help reduce swelling, speeding the healing process up.

The stitches take around a week to dissolve and you will need to keep the area as clean and dry as you can until then. Taking a bath will not be allowed but careful showering will be permitted after 48 hours.

It shouldn’t take long for you to be out-and-about but it is recommended you avoid strenuous activities, including sports and sex, for around 6 weeks, to ensure you have healed entirely.

What is the cost of labiaplasty in Seoul compared to Australia and New Zealand?

The cost of labiaplasty in Seoul is around 50% less than it is in Australia.

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Image by: Republic of Korea