Laser Eye Surgery in Mexico

The Ultimate Guide to Laser Eye Surgery in Mexico

Fed-up with glasses or contact lenses? There is an alternative with laser eye surgery in Mexico. Millions of people travel to Mexico each year to holiday, and to take advantage of the low priced medical and dental care.

Laser eye surgery takes only minutes to do, but will transform your life immeasurably. Patients especially from the United States and Canada will find Mexico particularly convenient, notably if they would prefer not to stay too long. For some, just driving over the border for their treatment and driving back will be all they require.

Why get laser eye surgery in Mexico?

Mexico is, of course, a renowned tourist destination, and there are ample places to holiday in should you wish to make a vacation of it. From the east coast resorts of Cancun and Playa del Carmen to the west coast’s Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, and the array of interesting towns, cities and picturesque countryside in between, there is something for everyone.

New technology means that laser eye surgery is now suitable for correcting a number of vision problems, including myopia (short sight), hypermetropia (long sight) and astigmatism (where the lens is distorted).

In Mexico, you will find the country’s medical facilities have embraced new technologies and techniques, and have clinicians with the relevant expertise and training, to offer patients not only excellent medical care, but also at prices that are a mere snip compared to the prices at home.

While price is important, anyone who is traveling overseas for medical treatment obviously wants to make sure they visit a reliable, proven and trustworthy doctor – and this is doubly true when it comes to your eyes.

We recommend you do a little research into your condition, and also into the clinics and doctors whom you have shortlisted for your treatment. Booking an appointment through Medical Departures will ensure you receive your care from a doctor who has already been pre-screened by us, which should give you a certain amount of reassurance.

Our checks include legal and criminal records, qualification and professional memberships of doctors and real patient reviews. We also make it our business to visit clinics, and as well as examining their facilities we also take high-definition photos for our website so that patients can get a picture for themselves.

How long does laser eye surgery take and what is the procedure?

Laser eye surgery is a really quick procedure, with very little downtime. You should be able to return to your normal everyday activities straight after your treatment.

Each eye takes approximately 10 minutes. Before the laser is used, anesthetic drops will be placed in your eye and the area thoroughly cleaned. A suction ring will be placed on the eye to keep the lens (cornea) in place – it may feel a little uncomfortable but shouldn’t be painful. A flap is cut into the lens and the ring removed. The laser, guided by computer, then removes the corneal tissue according to the calculations specified by your ophthalmologist. When this is complete, the flap will be put back in place with a protective covering in case it is dislodged.

What is the recovery time for laser eye surgery?

You may experience discomfort after the procedure, including an itching or burning feeling. Your vision may be blurred and your eye watery for a few days. However, these sensations should dissipate over the next few days, and your vision should be much improved.

What is the comparison of laser eye surgery in Mexico compared to the United States and Canada?

Prices vary as there are a number of different types of laser eye surgery. However, the average price in Mexico is around $1,500 per eye, compared to $3,000 per eye in the United States.

What now?

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