Laser Hair Removal in Bali

The Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal in Bali

Looking at options for laser hair removal in Bali? Let us help you find a suitable, good-quality clinic at a competitive price.

Removing unwanted hair is an age-old problem as the growing hair has to be removed at regular intervals. If you are fed up of the different methods that aren’t effective, then you may want to try laser hair removal to get rid of your unwanted hair. Almost all hair removal methods have their limitations, can be painful and even cause infections. Often you have to let the hair grow to a particular length before being able to remove it, so you can never be completely hair-free for long.

Among the current temporary methods of hair removal are hair removal creams and lotions, shaving, electric epilators and depilatories, waxing, sugaring and threading. What is worse that a person may need different hair removal methods for various parts of the body, because some are effective only for large areas whereas others are useful for small and more targeted areas. Laser hair removal can be done for all parts of the body, don’t need regular repetitions after the initial number of sessions are done and are reasonably effective as they result in significant hair reduction.

Why consider laser hair removal in Bali?

As unwanted hair is a cosmetic problem, removing it is something that costs you money, time and effort on a regular basis. If you are planning a holiday to Bali you can get laser hair removal done there at an affordable price, particularly since it does not require any downtime.

Booking through Medical Departures is a safe option. That is because we put our homework in place so you can book with us. We check out the background, qualifications, experience and credentials of the doctors working at the esthetic clinks listed on our website. We make sure that the clinics have top-notch amenities and a great ambience and that the staff speak English. You can find detailed information about the clinics and doctors on our website, alongside clinic photos, price, maps and much more.

Bali is very accessible from most of the countries in the world, since it is an extremely popular holiday destination. With gorgeous beaches, lots of activities like scuba-diving, golf and white-water rafting as well as beautiful scenery and Bali’s cultural attractions, the island is a magnet for all ages.

How much time does laser hair removal take and what is the recovery period?

Laser hair removal can be done quite fast, but the time taken will depend on how big an area has to be covered. Much like other hair removal methods, larger areas will take longer to do than smaller ones. If you get both legs and arms done at one time, it will take much longer than just getting the underarms done. The laser device is moved several times over the part that is treated and this zaps the hair. Different laser devices work for different hair and skin types and that is why it is important that the person attending to you knows which kind of device will work best on you. Laser hair removal can take between one hour and three hours.

If you have a low pain threshold, you may require a topical anesthetic, but usually if you can bear waxing, then the pain won’t be much more than that. You will need to use eyewear to protect your eyes during the procedure. Again you may have minor redness and swelling that will soon subside, but apart from that there you don’t require a recovery period as you will be mobile. Just keep in mind that only hair that is in the growing phase is susceptible to laser hair removal treatment.

What is the cost of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal in Bali will cost a fraction of what it does at home – and you can expect to save at least 50%.

What now?

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