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Latest review

Somsak S.

06 2024

A full head of healthy, natural-looking hair that has restored my confidence and self-esteem. Thank you Dr.Prapote.

Nattawut C.

06 2024

Dr.Prapote's artistry and the transformative power of FUE hair restoration.

Somchai W.

06 2024

Deciding where to get a hair transplant is crucial. In the end, I chose HAIR RESTORE and Dr.Ramida.

Tienchai W.

06 2024

I made the right decision choosing Hair Restore for my hair transplant. Consulting with Dr.Fon was crucial in my decision-making process, and I have no regrets. Dr.Fon didn't disappoint me at all, not even a bit.

Alongkorn N.

06 2024

Dr.Prapote's FUE hair transplant technique is nothing short of miraculous. My once-thinning hair has now transformed into a luxurious mane, thanks to his expertise. I am so grateful for his skill and dedication.

Mihiro Y.

06 2024

Years of hair loss had taken a toll on my confidence, but Dr. Ramida's FUT hair transplant procedure at Hair Restore Clinic rekindled my self-esteem. Her gentle touch and meticulous technique transformed my once-thinning hair into a thick, natural-looking mane. The results are simply stunning: hair that blends seamlessly with my existing hair, restoring my youthful appearance and boosting my confidence. Dr. Ramida's expertise, compassion, and dedication are truly exceptional, making her a leading figure in the field of hair restoration.

Chinwut P.

06 2024

Dr.Moo's FUT hair transplant procedure at Hair Restore Clinic is a symphony of precision and artistry.

Aketto H.

06 2024

Hair Store Clinic is where hair restoration dreams blossom. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Ramida, the clinic transforms hair loss struggles into stories of renewed confidence and self-esteem. Her personalized approach, combined with her cutting-edge FUT technique, ensures that each patient receives the care and attention they deserve. Whether you seek to regain a lost hairline or restore youthful volume, Hair Store Clinic is the place where hair restoration dreams become a reality.

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