Lip Augmentation in Mexico City

The Ultimate Guide to Lip Augmentation in Mexico City

Many women prefer to have full lips. If your lips are thin and you have wanted them fuller, you can get lip augmentation at Mexico City to enhance the shape of your lips.

The lips can be reshaped, made to look fuller and even wider. Pouty lips enhance your facial appearance and if you have small lines or crevices near your lips, these will disappear as the skin is plumped up. You will be able to use a wider range of lip colors and find lipstick easier to apply as well.

Lip augmentation is a popular esthetic surgery and can be done in various ways. You can get implants put in your lips for more permanent results. Or you can get injections of dermal fillers or use fat transfer methods whereby liposuction is used to remove fat from an area of your body, then the fat is purified and transferred to the lips for lip augmentation. These need to be re-done at regular intervals as the products are absorbed by the body naturally over time. You need to check with the plastic surgeon as to which procedure will be right for you.

Why consider lip augmentation in Mexico City?

If you have always wanted plumper lips, but the cost has held you back, then Mexico City is a great option. The plastic surgery procedures in Mexico are very reasonably priced, the medical facilities excellent and the doctors are experienced. It is also easily accessible from Canada and the U.S. thanks to the many flights between the countries. You also don’t need a visa but have to fill out a form at the airport and are allowed to stay for 6 months if you are a resident of these or some other countries.

Mexico City has a lot to offer the holiday maker thanks to its historical and cultural attractions, its fast paced lifestyle and its urban outlook. As one of the world’s largest city, it is a busy place. You can visit the pyramids, volcanoes, go to parks and museums and visit restaurants, bars and cafes. Mexico City also has varied shopping options including malls, shopping arcades, smaller shops and bazaars and flea markets.

Why should you get Lip Augmentation in Mexico City with Medical Departures?

You may well think that it would be easy to book on your own. After all, with a few clicks, you can have a confirmed booking. But are you sure you want to take the risk of booking plastic surgery directly? You will not be in a position to verify all the information the website offers the visitors. Lip surgeries do go wrong as you can see from horror stories available on the net.

It is better to book through a reputed site like Medical Departures. That is because we look out for your safety. We conduct background checks on the doctors, investigate their qualifications and credentials, and check out their experience and other aspects that ensure safety during surgery for you. We also check the amenities available at the clinics and hospitals we list on our website and we offer the best price guarantee as well.

How long does lip augmentation take and what is the estimated recovery period?

The time taken for the procedure will depend on whether you are having surgery or getting dermal fillers put. Many of these treatments may be over in about half an hour. If you get surgery with implants done, then it may take an hour and will be done under local anesthesia. Even then recovery will be fast and you will not have to spend too much time at the clinic.

Fillers do not even require any anesthetic and fine needles are used. If you get hyaluronic fillers put and you are not happy with the results when they are apparent, you can get the procedure reversed very easily. If you need sutures, as after surgery, you will need to take care for a week, particularly when eating and drinking and full recovery will take about two weeks.

What is the cost of lip augmentation?

The cost of lip augmentation varies a great deal and depends on whether you are getting surgery or just fillers. In the U.S. you can expect to pay between USD 400 for fillers and up to USD 5,000 for surgery. In Mexico City you pay USD 400 to USD 1,000 for lip augmentation.

What now?

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