Lip Augmentation in Pattaya

The Ultimate Guide to Lip Augmentation in Pattaya

If you have thin lips either because you born with them or due to ageing, you can get lip augmentation in Pattaya done and have full lips that look esthetically better. Lip augmentation can be done in several ways among them being surgeries of different types, implants or injections with approved dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid or fat transfer. Implants are relatively permanent while dermal fillers need to be re-done at regular intervals (from three to six months).

Lips can be completely reshaped and improve your facial appearance. Additionally when lips are plumper the tiny lip lines and crevices into which lipstick invariably goes disappear. You need to consult with a plastic surgeon and decide which kind of procedure is right for your lips and your face. It is important that together you decide on which kind of filler or implants (there are many different ones available and each has its own pros and cons) should be used if that is the way your lips will be augmented.

Why consider lip augmentation in Pattaya?

There are many reasons for choosing Pattaya for your cosmetic procedures. Firstly it is a great holiday spot and you can enjoy your time there. Secondly medical procedures are very reasonably priced and affordable. Thirdly you may not want to tell everyone that you are having your lips augmented and your enhanced appearance will be a surprise.

When you combine a holiday in Pattaya with an esthetic procedure you are getting some me-time in more ways than one. Pattaya has a lot of tourist attractions apart from sun, sand, sea and beaches. It is a favored party spot where you can party the night away. It has tourist attractions like museums, wildlife sanctuaries, temples, parks and gardens and, of course, loads of shopping options from malls to local shops. Or you can just choose to laze on the beach and relax.

Why can’t you book on your own for cosmetic procedures in Pattaya?

You can definitely book on your own, if you are willing to take the risk of something going wrong or landing up at a place that is not great. Do check out horror stories on the net. Don’t forget that there are media reports often enough particularly of lip surgeries gone wrong and often these are of celebrities for whom money is no problem.

When you book through Medical Departures, we ensure that you have a layer of protection. That is because we check out the qualifications, accreditations, experience and skill of the doctors attached to the clinics and hospitals that we list on our website. We also see that the clinics follow international protocols and use the latest equipment and technology. We may even conduct post surgery patient interviews. All these aspects give you additional safety.

How long does lip augmentation take and what is the estimated recovery period?

You have to check with your doctor as to which lip augmentation procedure you are going to undergo. Most procedures are done in the clinic on an outpatient basis. Dermal filler injections can take about half an hour and local anesthesia may be used. Lip implants can take around an hour. It is only fat transfer that takes longer, because the doctor has to first remove fat from your body and then inject it.

Dermal fillers may not require any anesthetic so recovery is faster and there is virtually no downtime. Another plus point with hyaluronic acid fillers is that if you are not happy with the results, the doctor can actually inject a substance that will dissolve the filler (though the results are not permanent in any case). In the case of implants where sutures are used, you may require at least a week of taking care and full recovery can take two weeks.

What is the cost of lip augmentation?

In Australia you can expect to pay between AUD 700 and AUD 3,000 for lip augmentation, depending on what kind of augmentation procedure you use. In Pattaya you can pay a starting rate of as little as AUD 300.

What now?

If cost is a factor that has held you back then book for lip augmentation in Pattaya with Medical Departures for affordable procedures. Our customer care team will answer all your queries and help you with the booking process. Look below for convenient ways to contact us.