Lip Enhancement in Bangkok

The Ultimate Guide to Lip Enhancement in Bangkok

Discover surgical and non-surgical Lip enhancements in Bangkok to volumize your lips. From a quick injection if you’re pushed for time or don’t want surgery, to surgical options if you want to change the shape of your lips or want a permanent solution – Medical Departures will help you find quality-checked clinics and practitioners.

Lip enhancement is the name given to a number of cosmetic procedures to help to plump up the lips, making them fuller and helping to improve the fine lines (known as smokers’ lines) that appear around the mouth.

In Bangkok, you’ll discover a world of expertise for whichever type of lip enhancement treatment you decide on – and the city has much to offer in terms of a pre or post-treatment experience.

Why else should I choose to have lip enhancements in Bangkok?

Bangkok is a major center for all cosmetic procedures. Demand has grown over the last couple of decades since Thailand first started accepting international patients to its high-quality facilities, which are also considerably more affordable for many patients than equivalent services at home.

One of Southeast Asia’s economic hubs, it is popular for business people, as well as tourists, and it follows that where people go, services and facilities spring up. Medical, surgical and cosmetic services are no exception.

Major investment in Bangkok’s healthcare facilities have provided first-class hospitals and clinics, including a good number of JCI-accredited facilities, equipped with the latest technology and staffed by dedicated professionals of the highest calibre. Maintaining high standards mean that patients leave satisfied, which encourages more patients to avail themselves of the services.

In comparison to countries such as the US, UK and Australia, Thailand may still be a developing nation, but its services are not cheaper because they are substandard – it simply that the cost of living is lower, which is reflected in the final price of treatments.

Medical Departures provide quality-control checks on each of its listings. Doctor qualifications and experience are verified, as well as legal issues such as malpractice claims or complaints to the regional medical associations. We also also visit clinics ourselves. If we are not happy with any aspect of the services we do not list them on our website. Patients are safe in the knowledge that before they begin their search for a practitioner that all the fundamental checks have already been made, and that every clinic listed with Medical Departures has already made the grade.

Am I suitable for lip enhancement?

If you’re unhappy with the shape of your lips – for whatever reason – whether you just haven’t been genetically blessed with fuller lips, or because they have become thinner as you have aged (collagen and hyaluronic acid which gives our skin its plumpness diminishes as we age), a lip enhancement procedure may be what you’re looking for.

It’s worth bearing in mind that most lip enhancement procedures are temporary, in that the effect will gradually wear off and you will need top-ups every few months. However, there are some permanent solutions, but it is something you should weigh up carefully – they are very difficult to remove once they are in – and if you don’t like them you’re stuck with them.

What are the different lip enhancement procedures?

Lip enhancement procedures can improve the look of the lips in a number of ways, and you will have to decide what you want to achieve – whether it’s changing the actual shape and colored area, adding volume, or both. You may need more than one procedure to acquire the look you want.

Injection Treatments:

These are typically to add volume and can be done by removing fat from another part of your body and reinjected into the lips (after it has been cleansed and processed). This usually happens if, say, you are having liposuction elsewhere.

Some facial fillers used to add volume and fill in wrinkles can also be used on the lips, such as Restylane or Juvederm. They are popular because they are quick, with immediately noticeable result, and are temporary.


Dermal grafts – Fat-grafts taken from deeper layers of skin are positioned under the lip lining through incisions made inside the mouth.

Lip Implant – Natural or synthetic implants are inserted through incisions made at the mouth corners

Lip Lift – An incision is made under the nose and the skin shortened between the lip and nose by pulling the skin up and stitching. Mouths that turn downwards can also be corrected with small incisions at the side of the mouth, removing the excess skin, pulling the remaining skin tight and stitching the incision closed.

Vermillion Advancement – This involves removing a strip of skin from all around the colored part of the lips, and pulling the lips to the remaining skin and stitching it. This increased the lip size and the scars are hidden around the natural edge of the lips.

What is the recovery time for Lip Enhancement?

Lip fillers require virtually no downtime, and people carry on with their normal activities immediately after treatment. Surgery will take longer, but it is still a relatively short recovery period of a day or two.

What is the cost comparison of Lip Enhancements in Bangkok compared to Australia?

Patients can usually save around 50% on lip enhancements in Bangkok compared to Australia.

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