Lip Enhancement in Bangkok

The Ultimate Guide to Lip Enhancement in Bangkok

Last fact-checked: 29 December 2020

Discover surgical and non-surgical lip enhancements in Bangkok for options on how to affordably volumize your lips. 

From injectable fillers (if you’re pushed for time or don’t want invasive treatment) to surgical options for a more dramatic, permanent change to the shape of your lips—Medical Departures can help you find a quality-checked clinic and save around 50% in the Thai capital.

What Are Lip Enhancements—And Why Bangkok?

Lip enhancement is the name given to a number of cosmetic procedures to help to plump up the lips, making them fuller and helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines (sometimes known as "smokers’ lines") that appear around the mouth.

In Bangkok, you’ll discover a world of expertise for whichever type of lip enhancement treatment you decide upon. What’s more, this vibrant city has so much to see and do before or after you undergo the procedure—a great excuse to hit the spa or take refuge from the heat in one of the many luxurious, air-conditioned shopping malls here.

Why Else Should I Choose to Have Lip Enhancements in Bangkok?

Thailand, and Bangkok in particular, is a major destination for undergoing cosmetic surgery. Demand has grown over the last couple of decades since Thailand first started accepting international patients to its high-quality facilities, which are also considerably more affordable for many patients than equivalent services at home.

One of Southeast Asia’s economic hubs, Thailand is a popular destination for business travelers, and also receives millions of tourist arrivals each year. 

The Thai government has promoted and invested in many sub-sectors of its huge tourism market—and medical tourism is one of them. Services and facilities are always improving, with its surgical and cosmetic services no exception. The clinics we have partnered with throughout the country are world-class, and Bangkok is home to more than 60 JCI-accredited hospitals equipped with the latest technology and staffed by dedicated professionals of the highest calibre. Maintaining high standards mean that patients leave satisfied, which encourages them to spread the positive word and return for further treatment.

Thailand may still be a developing nation in comparison to countries such as the US, the UK and Australia, but its medical services don’t cost less because they are substandard; prices are kept down thanks to the cost of living is lower and greater competition between facilities—with the savings passed on to you.

Why Book with Medical Departures?

Medical Departures conducts a number of quality-control checks on each of our listings. Doctor qualifications and experience are verified, as well as legal issues such as malpractice claims or complaints to the regional medical associations. We also visit clinics ourselves. If we are not happy with any aspect of the services, we do not list them on our website. Patients are safe in the knowledge that before they begin their search for a practitioner that all the fundamental checks have already been made, and that every clinic listed with Medical Departures has made the grade.

Get started now by checking out these three leading clinics in Bangkok for lip enhancements: 

Am I Suitable for Lip Enhancement?

If you’re unhappy with the shape of your lips and you are in generally good health, a lip enhancement procedure may be an option worth considering. For example:

  • It may simply that you haven’t been genetically blessed with fuller lips, and have come to feel self-conscious about your looks, or feel that plumping things up would give you a confidence boost; or

  • Your lips may have become thinner as you have aged; the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid (which gives our skin its plumpness) diminishes as we get older.

It’s worth bearing in mind that most lip enhancement procedures are temporary, in that the effects will gradually wear off and you will need top-ups every few months. You may hear about permanent solutions (as outlined below) but it is something you should weigh up carefully. Lip implants, for example, are very difficult to remove once they have been inserted.

What Are the Different Lip Enhancement Procedures Available in Bangkok?

Lip enhancement procedures can improve the look of the lips in a number of ways, and you will have to decide what you want to achieve; for example, you may want to change the actual shape by enlarging the colored area, add volume, or do both. You may need more than one procedure to acquire the look you want and this is something that you can discuss in more detail with your chosen doctor in Bangkok. 

Injection Treatments:  

Typically used to add volume, by removing fat from another part of your body and reinjecting it into the lips (after it has been cleaned and processed). This usually happens if, say, you are having liposuction elsewhere.

Some facial fillers used to add volume and fill in wrinkles can also be used on the lips, such as Restylane® or Juvederm®. These are popular because they are quick, temporary and relatively painless, providing almost immediately noticeable results.


Dermal grafts: Fat-grafts taken from deeper layers of the skin are positioned under the lining of the lip through incisions made inside the mouth.

Lip Implants: Natural or synthetic implants are inserted through incisions made at the corners of the mouth.

Lip Lift: An incision is made under the nose and the skin shortened between the lip and nose by pulling the skin up and stitching it in place. Mouths that turn downwards can also be corrected with small incisions at the side of the mouth, removing the excess skin, pulling the remaining skin tight and stitching the incision.

Vermilion Advancement: Involves removing a strip of skin from around the colored part of the lips, pulling the lips to the new line of skin and then stitching in place. This increases lip size and the scars are hidden around the natural edge of the lips.

What Is the Recovery Time for Lip Enhancement?

Lip fillers require virtually no downtime, and you should be able to carry on with most of your normal activities soon after treatment. Surgery will take longer, but it is still a relatively short recovery period of a day or two. 

This means you have ample opportunity to get out of the city and explore other parts of amazing Thailand; just check with your doctor as to which particular activities should be avoided, such as swimming or diving. 

What Is the Cost Comparison of Lip Enhancements in Bangkok Compared to Australia?

Patients can usually save around 50% on lip enhancements in Bangkok compared to Australia. Once you have selected a clinic, and your preferred treatment, your Dental Departures Customer Care Representative can provide you an accurate, itemized quote.

How Do I Get Started?

Find out more about our range of quality-checked doctors and clinics in Bangkok

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