Liposuction in Greater Seoul Area

The Ultimate Guide to Liposuction in Greater Seoul Area

Last fact-checked: 5 February 2020

Remove those stubborn wobbly bits with liposuction in Seoul. Our quality-checked clinics and surgeons in the South Korean capital can help you achieve the toned look you want, shifting fat from tummy, hips, butt, arms, back and thighs.

Why Should I Consider Liposuction in Seoul?

As far as cosmetic surgery procedures go, liposuction is one of the easier ones and it may well have less downtime than other surgical procedures, depending on what area or areas of the body you have the treatment. 

If you are visiting Seoul, you’ll find the capital has plenty to keep you occupied with before or after the procedure. It is a modern city and you’ll find no shortage of inexpensive, good-quality accommodation options, great restaurants, including local and international cuisine, fantastic shopping and, of course, a huge array of entertainment and leisure pursuits.

As far as medical expertise is concerned, the city ranks among some of the very best destinations. Seoul is one of the world’s capitals of cosmetic surgery—not just for foreign patients but for local patients too. Last year, CBS News reported that more than 20 million cosmetic surgery procedures were undertaken globally with an estimated 1 million of those (or a total of 5%) carried out in South Korea. 

In Seoul, this is part of the culture where plastic surgery clinics are ubiquitous—and where you can find a medical tourism office in the arrivals hall of the international airport. Plastic surgery clinics are to Seoul what Casinos are to Vegas.

Why Should I Book My Liposuction Treatment in Seoul with Medical Departures? 

Just because the standards of care here are generally very high, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your own background checks. It’s always worth checking credentials for your own peace of mind. We understand it’s not always easy to do this when you're thousands of miles away, which is why we’ve already done this. We visit clinics, collate real patient reviews and verify qualifications, as well as professional memberships. We only list clinics on our site if we’re happy to go there ourselves and we publish our findings, as well as high-definition clinic photos and other useful information for you to make your own decision.

You can get started now by taking a look at these three leading clinics in Seoul for liposuction. Click through and see just how easy it is to book with Medical Departures:

What’s Does a Liposuction Procedure Entail and How Long Does it Take?

The procedure essentially involves liquefying the fat so that it can be removed by a suction device, which is inserted through a small incision. The fat can be liquefied by ultrasound or by injecting a saline solution. Once the fat is removed, the incision is stitched closed. This leaves a small scar but it will fade over time.

One area of liposuction generally takes around 45 minutes to complete, so if you’re having more than one area it will obviously take longer. 

What Is the Recovery Period for Liposuction?

You will feel stiff and a little sore after the liposuction procedure, and you may be wearing a compression garment that helps with the swelling. Some fluid may leak from the incisions for a few days. Depending on where you have the procedure, it may take a week before the bruising and swelling begin to dissipate and you can move around more freely. You will gradually start to feel better, gaining more movement but you should avoid vigorous activity for six weeks.

How Much Can I Save on Liposuction in Seoul Compared to Australia and New Zealand?

The average cost of liposuction in Seoul is around AUD $1,500 (EUR €1,000, GBP £800, US $1,100). This is compared to an average cost of $8,600 (EUR €5,800, GBP £4,500, US $6,500) in the United States. 

[Please note: these prices are approximate estimates based on international data, calculated at the time of writing.]

What Now?

The Medical Departures Customer Care Team can help you find the best options for treatment in Seoul for liposuction—saving you up to 80%.  


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Image by Hajo Schatz