Liposuction in Bangkok

The Ultimate Guide to Liposuction in Bangkok

As a quick-fix cosmetic surgery procedure, liposuction is one of the most popular ways to remove unwanted fat and create a better-looking body.

Am I suitable for liposuction?

Liposuction is one of the most affordable and safest procedures for getting rid of fat in a number of areas in the body, and both men and women undergo the treatment.
It works best on:

- Localized fat deposits that are out-of-proportion
- Areas where you require more definition
- If you have good skin elasticity

If you don’t have good skin elasticity you made need a body lift procedure in combination with liposuction.

Why should I have liposuction in Bangkok?

Thailand has world-renowned healthcare facilities, many of which are located in Bangkok. Since the 1990s when Bangkok first opened its doors to medical tourists, international patients have been flocking here for all manner of medical, surgical and cosmetic procedures. Some 20 years later, if the services weren’t good would they still be coming?

With prices around 50% lower than their home countries, there is a symbiotic relationship between patient and providers – there isn’t one without the other. For their part, medical providers ensure their services remain of a high-standard, reinvesting the money they receive from patients to keep their services at the best quality. This means patients continue to come, keeping the cycle going.

However, this isn’t to say that patients should assume everywhere in Bangkok is of the quality they desire – and we always stress to do some research. When something becomes popular, there are always unscrupulous people who join the bandwagon, offering inferior quality services with scant regard for patient care.

This is why Medical Departures has been established. We pre-check all our clinics, so when you book you are assured they meet certain quality standards. We do onsite visits, and verify doctor qualifications, international affiliations and professional registrations, which are listed on our website, alongside real patient reviews and high definition clinic photos.

Our aim is to give you the information you need to make a decision that is right for you, with all the available facts at your disposal. No medical procedure is risk-free, but making sure all the boxes are ticked before you begin treatment is certainly the best start.

How long does liposuction take?

The length of time the procedure takes depends on what area(s) you are having done and how much fat is being removed. Many procedures take around an hour, but if you are having multiple treatments on both sides of your body it could take up to three hours.

An anesthetic will be administered before the procedure is commenced, after which small cuts will be made in the areas to be treated and a suction device inserted to remove the fat. The fat is liquefied either by ultrasound or with a saline solution (tumescent liposuction).

What is the liposuction recovery time?

After the procedure you are likely to suffer discomfort, rather than pain, and compression garments will need to be worn for several weeks afterwards. Leaking from the wounds may occur for several days, and swelling and bruising will be at its worst a couple of days after the procedure, decreasing steadily one to three weeks later.

You will be encouraged to walk around as soon as you can after the procedure but should avoid strenuous exercise for six weeks.

What is the cost comparison of liposuction in Bangkok to Australia or New Zealand?

The cost of liposuction in Bangkok will depend on how many areas you have treated, but average prices are AUD $2,500, compared to AUD $5,000 in Australia.

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