Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Thailand

The Ultimate Guide to Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Thailand

Last fact-checked: 17 December 2020

Male breast reduction in Thailand can help you save thousands on the cost you’d pay at home, returning your self-confidence once you’re finally rid of your man boobs.

Although being overweight may cause this condition (medically termed gynecomastia), or even overusing steroids or alcohol, the condition may also be due to circumstances you have no control over, such as birth abnormalities, genetics or hormonal imbalances.

Why Should I Get a Male Breast Reduction in Thailand?

Government investment and resources kick-started Thailand’s foray into medical tourism some twenty years ago, with state-of-the-art hospitals and low prices attractive to foreign patients. The initiative worked, and now Thailand is one of the world's leading medical tourism destinations, with more than two million medical travel arrivals each year.

Low-cost surgery, combined with high standards of service and internationally-accredited facilities are the main reasons why Thailand has attracted patients from around the world. Of course, this is helped by the fact that Thailand’s status as a popular holiday destination is also a major incentive for people to travel there.

Overheads such as labour, rent and equipment are significantly lower in Thailand, giving it a competitive edge over some other countries, enticing international patients with savings that are between 50 and 80%. 

Finding a Reputable Surgeon in Thailand with Medical Departures

Medical Departures pre-checks all doctors listing on our site, verifying qualifications, professional memberships and criminal/legal records. Only when this all stacks up are they listed on our site. We also visit clinics and publish real patient testimonials, along with clinic photos, to give our patients a little more info to go on.

All this information taken together should give you a fairly good idea about the quality of the services at your chosen doctor’s, so at least you can travel abroad knowing you have chosen a reliable and trustworthy clinic in Thailand.

How Long Does Male Breast Reduction Surgery Take and What Is Involved?

The procedure for male breast reduction surgery takes up to two hours to complete. Before your surgery begins, your surgeon will discuss with you the exact nature of your procedure.

Usually, incisions are made around the coloured area of the nipple (the areola), and excess tissue removed through here. Once the incision is stitched, the scars will eventually fade and be virtually unnoticeable.

If there is a large amount of tissue to be removed, then the scars may be extended down the breast, and sometimes the nipple will need to be repositioned. Liposuction may also be used to remove excess fat.

What Is the Recovery Time for Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Pain relief will be given to you after surgery, and your chest area will be tender and stiff. You should be able to recommence your normal daily routine after a few days, but you may still feel a little discomfort, which should ease over the next week. Most people return to work within a week or two.

Strenuous exercise or activity is out of the question for up to six weeks, but it will be up to a year before the swelling has subsided completely and before you will see the full effect of the surgery.

What Is the Cost of Male Breast Reduction in Thailand Compared to Australia?

The average cost of male breast reduction in Thailand is around AUD $3,000 (US $2,000, CAD $2,700; £1,400 GBP, €1,900) compared to approximately AUD $6,000 (US $4,100, CAD $5,400; £2,700 GBP, €3,700) in Australia.

Please note that these are average estimates. For some of the latest prices, check out these three highly-rated clinics in Thailand for male breast reduction surgery:

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