Mommy Makeover in Mexicali

The Ultimate Guide to Mommy Makeover in Mexicali

Last fact-checked: 11 March 2020

Mothers who want to get their pre-pregnancy bodies often find that diet and exercise only go so far. A mommy makeover in Mexicali is a more drastic measure that'll give dramatic results, shaping up bums, tums and boobs. 

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What Is a Mommy Makeover? 

A combination of several plastic surgery procedures, a mommy makeover can be customized to meet your specific needs. Some of the most common procedures used in a mommy makeover include a tummy tuck, breast lift, butt lift, and liposuction.

Most women gain at least 25 pounds during each pregnancy. This additional weight is typically stored in the abdomen, breasts, lower back, hips, thighs, and buttocks. Eventually, the weight will start to shift, although fatty tissue often still remains - and even weight loss can't address the stretch marks left by pregnancy.

A mommy makeover can provide the ideal solution to help mothers look and feel their best.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

To determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure, it is important to consider whether:

  • You have finished having children
  • You are finished breastfeeding
  • You are at a stable weight
  • You have found that parts of your body are not responding to diet and exercise (i.e., you have at least tried traditional, non-surgical methods of toning up after giving birth). 

If the answer to all of the above questions is yes, a mommy makeover could be the right solution for you.

Why Consider a Mommy Makeover in Mexicali?

Mommy makeovers have become increasingly popular in the United States, but for women who are looking for more affordable pricing and the opportunity to recover from their procedure in a relaxing environment, Mexicali offers a host of advantages. Along with pricing that is far more affordable than in the US, Mexico is now home to hundreds of reputable clinics specializing in various plastic surgery procedures.

The fact that Mexicali can be reached conveniently by either flying or driving also makes it a preferred destination for patients traveling from the United States and Canada.

Why Book with Medical Departures?

Although Mexico has developed a reputation for its many excellent clinics, it is still important to do your homework and make certain you choose a reputable facility. At Medical Departures, we are here to help. We only list clinics and physicians after they have passed our exhaustive background checks.

This includes confirming professional qualifications and memberships, such as with the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. We also perform legal and criminal checks for your peace of mind and publish real patient reviews from people who have actually had procedures performed at that facility. Finally, we visit each clinic in person so that we are able to attest to how things are done.

Only after we are completely satisfied with our findings do we list clinics and physicians on our list. You can get started now by checking out these top facilities in Mexicali that offer mommy makeovers:

How Long Does a Mommy Makeover Take and What Is the Recovery Like?

The length of time required for a mommy makeover will vary based on the type and number of procedures to be performed. Since mommy makeovers can include a number of different body contouring procedures based on your specific needs, the amount of time required as well as recovery from your procedure can be highly individual. For instance:

  • Some women may require breast augmentation to correct breasts that have become deflated due to pregnancy and nursing. Other women may need breast implants, while others may actually need a breast reduction.
  • In terms of the abdominal area, a procedure known as abdominoplasty may be required to tighten the muscles in the abdomen and remove excess fat and skin.
  • Some women may request liposuction on the thighs, hips and back to provide improved contouring.

The length of time required for surgery will vary based on the type and amount of procedures to be performed. Depending on the procedures to be performed, it may be necessary for a mommy makeover to be performed in multiple procedures.

What Is the Cost of a Mommy Makeover in Mexicali Compared to the U.S. and Canada?

The average cost for a mommy makeover in Mexicali is $7,500 (GBP £5,199, AUD $10,489, EUR £6,724) compared to $13,000 (GBP £9,013, AUD $18,181, EUR €11,655) in the United States. 

[Please note: these prices are approximate estimates based on international data, calculated at the time of writing.]

The Bottom Line

Being a mother is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but it can also take a toll on your body. If you've tried diet and exercise, but you just can't seem to get back the body you had before you had children, a mommy makeover can help to tone and contour your body and give you a boost in self-confidence.

Browse our quality-checked clinics and book your free appointment through our site to secure the best prices online. Our Customer Care Team are also ready to answer your questions about mommy makeovers in Mexicali.


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