Neck Lift in Bali

The Ultimate Guide to Neck Lift in Bali

A Neck lift in Bali will remove the signs of aging from your neck, as well as allowing for you to have a fantastic holiday at the same time as your affordable plastic surgery.

If you have sagging skin on your neck, a double chin, jowl and fat deposits, then a neck lift is the only answer. Sometimes this may be combined with liposuction if you have excess fat deposits. A neck lift will give you a better and younger looking appearance.

Medically called lower rhytidectomy this procedure can be done alone if your neck is the only part that needs to be treated or can be combined with other plastic surgery like facelift or brow lift or minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that will get rid of facial wrinkles. These can include the use of botox and dermal fillers that will make you look younger.

Why consider neck lift in Bali?

A 2013 MTA Medical Tourism Patient Survey found that the cost of medical treatment (85%) and state-of-the-art technology (83%) were the most important factors in their decision to travel abroad for treatment. In Bali you can get lower cost medical treatment done and, as the doctors are skilled and trained and the medical facilities of good quality, you can be sure that they are conversant with the use of the latest technology and devices.

Developing into a medical tourism hub, Bali utilizes the current infrastructure it has developed for holidaymakers to ensure medical tourists feel relaxed, comfortable and above-all secure in their environment.

Healthcare facilities are exceptionally good. There are brand-new, fully-equipped centers of excellence offering a whole range of medical and surgical options to both local and international clientele.

Patients wanting to have a holiday prior to their surgery can find plenty of locations to suit whether they are culture-vulture, beach bunny or go-getter and luxury retreats, heavenly spas, safari lodge’s, themed bars and exquisite restaurants make sure that Bali will be a memorable destination.

Why should you book with Medical Departures?

Booking with Medical Departures is much safer for you. That is because we check that the doctors working at the medical centers are well qualified and experienced and are accredited to a reputed international organization. We give the best price guarantee as well. We also verify that the centers have good quality amenities and ambience and use modern technology.

How long does neck lift take and what is the approximate recovery period?

The neck lift can be done using an open incision method or the limited one, which results in faster recovery. With the open method the doctor can do a lot more including liposuction, cutting off excess skin and even tightening the muscles if required. With the limited incisions, the doctor is also limited in the work he or she can do and it may be suitable if you do not require too much work on your neck. Usually neck lift surgery is done under general anesthesia and requires an overnight stay in hospital.

You will need painkillers and antibiotics after the surgery and will have drains and bandages. You may have significant discomfort and pain that will be alleviated by medicines. Your neck will also feel much tighter. You will be advised to keep your head elevated as far as possible and also sleep that way. It will take at least two weeks for you to recover and you can estimate that as your downtime. Final results can take a few months to be apparent.

What is the cost of neck lift in Bali?

In the U.S. the neck lift surgery will cost an average of US$10,873 (CAD14,537, £8,782, €9,841, AUD14,110, NZD14,805). In Bali you will pay a fraction of this price.

What now?

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