Neck Lift in Mexico City

The Ultimate Guide to Neck Lift in Mexico City

Lines on the neck, droopy skin, jowls can give you an aging appearance, particularly if your face is still fine. A neck lift in Mexico City can take years off your age and give you smooth skin on the neck.

Medically called a lower rhytidectomy or platysmaplasty (where muscles are involved) or cervicoplasty (only skin is tightened), the neck lift can be done as a standalone procedure or can be combined with a facelift or other lifts on other areas of the face.

Different procedures are used for a neck lift alone or in combination. Excess fat can be removed by liposuction and the skin tightened, the scars going under the ears and the chin. Otherwise more invasive surgery involves tightening the muscles as well. Some parts can be treated by liposuction alone, but it really depends on your skin elasticity, the appearance of your entire face and other factors. Your plastic surgeon will guide you as to which kind of procedure is suitable for your condition.

Why consider neck lift in Mexico City?

As cosmetic surgery procedures are not covered by medical insurance, you need to check out your options if you want this surgery. In the U.S. and Canada, this surgery is quite expensive at the rate depends a great deal on your area of residence. In Mexico City, the rates for medical procedures are very reasonable thanks to the lower cost of living. You don’t compromise on quality of medical care either since Mexico City is home to many large hospitals and numerous clinics that specialize in various plastic surgery procedures.

Mexico City has many options for the holiday maker as well. It has warmer weather and is a great shopping destination thanks to the many malls, department stores and local boutiques, flea markets and bazaars. It offers staying options at different price points at an affordable rate. As for food, you can enjoy the best of local and global cuisines in this city. It also has many historical attractions, theme parks, museums and many outdoor activities for the nature lover.

Why book Microdermabrasion in Mexico City with Medical Departures?

It is not difficult to book on your own, but you will not be sure of the results if you do. Neck lift surgery is a major surgery and all surgeries carry with them some risks. When you book on your own, you will not be able to verify information put on a website or check out the qualifications and other aspects of the clinics, hospitals and doctors. You really don’t want to face any complications for an elective surgery that you choose to have to look good.

For the risk averse person, booking through Medical Departures is a safer option. That is because we carry out an in-depth investigation into the background of the doctors, their qualifications, experience and other credentials such as professional memberships, like ISAPS. We check the amenities at the clinics and hospitals and ensure that they are conversant with the use of the latest equipment and technology, that they follow international standards so that you are not shortchanged in any way.

How long does neck lift take and what is the approximate recovery period?

If neck lift consists only of liposuction, the procedure can be over in half an hour. You may not even require anesthesia for this and will have to wear a strap for a few days. This procedure is suitable only if you have good skin elasticity. You may have bruising that will take 10-14 days to resolve. For other neck lift surgeries, the procedure can take two-three hours. This may be done under local sedation and anesthesia or general if that is what you prefer. You may need to stay overnight in hospital or may be allowed to leave once the effects of anesthesia wear off. You will expect to feel tightness around the neck for a few days.

You may have bandages and drains as required. You will need to take at least two week off from work and complete results may show up after three to four months after neck lift surgery. If you have neck lift combined with other plastic surgery procedures, your stay in hospital and subsequent recovery period may be somewhat different. You may find movement difficult and have to take care of your diet as well as jaw movement may cause pain for a few days.

What is the cost of neck lift in Mexico City?

In the U.S. you can expect to pay between USD 3,500 (for minor work) to USD 10,000. In Mexico City you can pay an average of USD 2,500.

What now?

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