Nose Job in Bali

The Ultimate Guide to Nose Job in Bali

Last fact-checked: 25 January 2020

Wanting to change the size or shape of your nose is normal; having over AUS $10,000 sitting in your bank ready to spend on all surgery? Not so normal. 

With a nose job in Bali, however, you can save around 60%, which makes this procedure far more attainable, especially for those living in Australia and New Zealand. 

Hundreds of thousands of savvy medical tourists travel to less expensive destinations each year to undergo the treatment they want. With Medical Departures, you can find top-quality clinics in Bali and take advantage of our best price guarantee

Why Choose Bali for a Nose Job?

Bali is Indonesia’s top tourist destination – and for good reason. Known as the “Island of the Gods”, Bali is truly an incredible place to visit with a myriad of diverse areas and attractions to suit all travelers. From backpacker-style adventure to five-star luxury spas and resorts, you’ll find your very own piece of paradise here.

From the vibrant Kuta and its bustling nightlife scene to the quieter coastal resorts in Sanur and Jimbaran— not forgetting the green rice fields and Tomb Raider-esque architecture of Ubud, this captivating island needs to be on your travel bucket list. For rest, relaxation and recuperation you’ll find plenty of locations to suit—after all, the island is known for its spa facilities, so where better to unwind and help your body to get back to fitness than here?

If you do want to experience the island properly, remember to do your sightseeing and adrenaline-filled activities before your surgery, as mountain biking, bungee jumping and surfing will be strictly off-limits as you recover afterward!

As far as healthcare services are concerned, Bali offers

  • Highly-skilled surgeons with excellent qualifications

  • Affordability, but with no compromise on quality

  • English-speaking staff

  • New and contemporary facilities, some with international accreditation

  • Facilities that adhere to international health and safety standards

Why Book with Medical Departures?

Booking with Medical Departures ensures that you are treated at a facility that has been fully background-checked by us; this way, you don’t need to worry about whether your surgeon has the right credentials or has the adequate experience. 

Our checks include onsite visits, as well as verification of doctor qualifications and professional memberships. We also examine legal and criminal records, and publish real patient testimonials on our website, with prices, clinic photos and maps. 

What Is the Procedure for a Nose Job – and How Long Will it Take?

Nose jobs vary enormously depending on what your own particular needs are and so it’s not particularly helpful to give an average time. It can be as short as an hour, to over 6 hours if major nasal reconstruction is required.

What Is the Recovery Time After a Nose Job?

This is likely to vary depending on the exact extent of your surgery. After the surgery, you will have swelling and bruising. Bandages and possibly nasal splints and/or a gauze will be packed into your nostrils.

It will be found to seven days (at the earliest) before dressings are removed, but they may be left on for up to 10 days. During this time you will need to keep your head elevated at all times, which means sleeping in an upright position.

The inflammation will start to subside after a couple of weeks, but it could be three weeks before you can engage in everyday activities without too much effort. You will be advised to take things extremely easy for six weeks, avoiding contact sports, heavy lifting and vigorous activities. It could take up to a year before your nose heals completely, both inside and out.

How Does the Price of a Nose Job in Bali Compare with Australia or New Zealand?

Nose jobs in Australia cost around $12,000 (US $9,000; CAD $12,000; GBP £7,000; EUROS €8,600) whereas a nose job in Bali will cost at least 60% less. [Please note: these are average price comparisons calculated at the time of writing.]

To get started, check out the excellent BIMC Hospital (Nusa Dua), one of our most popular facilities for cosmetic and plastic surgery in Bali. 

What now?

See below for ways to arrange an appointment or get in touch with our Customer Care Team to learn more about nose jobs in Bali. 


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