Nose Job in Malaysia

The Ultimate Guide to Nose Job in Malaysia

Whether you have a hooked nose or a large one, you may have hankered for a better looking nose. A nose job in Malaysia can give you the nose you always wanted at an affordable price. It will change the whole look of your face and boost your self esteem. Sometimes even a small and subtle change will make an enormous difference.

A nose job will change the contours of your nose so that it fits better with the rest of your face. It can also help you breathe easier, particularly if you have a deviated septum. A nose job can also make your nose look narrower or fatter, smaller or bigger so that it is proportional to the rest of your face. It is a very common and popular procedure nowadays.

Why should you get a nose job done in Malaysia?

Cosmetic surgery procedures are expensive as they entail out of pocket expenses. If you get a nose job done in Malaysia, you save on the cost of the surgery. At the same time, you do not compromise on quality as the country has excellent medical facilities with state of the art equipment and well qualified doctors.

You can combine a holiday in an exotic country with some plastic surgery. In spite of extra expenses, you will still save money. And Malaysia is a prime tourist destination, attracting tourists from all over the globe. You can enjoy the moderate climate, the food, the hospitable people, the shopping and entertainment. You can schedule your nose job such that you can spend some time on holiday and later recuperate in a nice hotel, without a care in the world. You simply have to book and go as Australians do not need a visa to stay in Malaysia for up to three months.

Why can’t you book a nose job on your own?

If you do an internet search, you are likely to hit on many places and doctors who do the surgery, but you cannot be sure if they have the right expertise. Booking for a surgery is not like buying something online, as products may be returnable. Your surgery involves a major operation since it impacts the way you look and breathe. So don’t take any risks by booking on your own - and do your own research. Facial surgery is a specialist area - check out your surgeon's qualifications. Are they a member of suitable professional organizations?

Booking through a reputed site like Medical Departures means that you have a safety factor in place. We carry out thorough investigations of the hospitals and clinics we list on our website. We make sure that the doctors are qualified surgeons and that the amenities in the place are up to the mark.

How much time does a nose job take and what is the downtime?

There are different types of nose jobs available, depending on the structure of your nose and what you want. The surgery can take between two and three hours and may be done under general anesthesia. If there is minor work required, the surgery can also be done under local anesthesia. Depending on your health, you may stay overnight in the hospital.

You will have swelling and bruising around your nose and sometimes even your eyes and your nose will have splints to keep it in shape while it is healing. You may be on antibiotics and have to take painkillers for some time. It will take around three days for you to feel better. You will be able to resume most activities within two to three weeks. Don’t worry about scars as cosmetic surgeons make sure that scarring is minimal and as invisible as possible. It can take a few months for the full effect of the new nose to be apparent.

What is the cost of nose job in Malaysia?

A rhinoplasty in Australia will cost between AUD 7,000 to AUD 20,000 – the large variation depending on how much work is required and where you get it done. In Malaysia this can cost you around AUD 6,000, which is eminently affordable.

What now?

Don’t keep putting off the surgery. You do deserve to do something for yourself. Book now through Medical Departures. Our customer care team will address all your concerns and help you with the booking process.

With a nose job in Malaysia you will end up looking better than before.

(Image by: JaseMan)