Nose Job in Cabo San Lucas

The Ultimate Guide to Nose Job in Cabo San Lucas

Get a nose job in Cabo San Lucas - change your appearance, save money and have a fantastic holiday.

It is an extremely popular cosmetic procedure and more than 2, 00,000 people get it done annually in the U.S. alone. Whether you want more symmetric nose or want to erase the bump on your nose or want to make it look sharper, a nose job can help you get the kind of nose you want. A nose job can also help you with a deviated septum or any nose related medical condition.

When you go to consult a cosmetic surgeon, he will be able to show all the nose possibilities and even show a picture of how you may look with the new nose. This can help you make a decision. Medically called a rhinoplasty, a nose job can make your nose smaller or bigger, change the size of your nostrils and give you a nose that fits your face, making it look better.

Why consider nose job in Cabo San Lucas?

You have to pay for cosmetic surgery procedures out of your pocket. As such, it makes sense to shop around and see where you get a good deal. In the U.S. and Canada such surgery is very expensive. The same surgery in Cabo San Lucas is reasonably priced and affordable. And you will not compromise on the quality of care when you get aesthetic surgery done in Cabo San Lucas. There are plenty of good facilities, meeting international quality standards and staffed with highly-skilled practitioners.

That is because Mexico is a premier medical tourism destination and it has hospitals and clinics of a standard similar to that in the U.S. The doctors here are well qualified and experienced, but because the cost of living is so much cheaper, you pay a lot less than you would back home. Besides Cabo San Lucas is a gorgeous place thanks to its amazing beaches, temperate climate and other attractions. You can enjoy water sports or play golf or just visit the natural and tourist attractions. Cabo San Lucas is also easily accessible from the U.S. and Canada by air or you can drive down there if you live closer to the border.

Why can’t you simply book on your own?

While it may seem easy to do a booking on your own, you really should not take a risk where surgery is concerned. There are enough horror stories on the net of people have surgeries that went wrong and needing revision surgeries later on. After all, you want cosmetic surgery to make you look better and not worse, so you need qualified surgeons you can trust and whose qualifications have been verified.

When you book through Medical Departures we take the anxiety out of the procedure. That is because we put our homework in place. We check out the qualifications and accreditations of the doctors in the clinics and hospitals. We also make sure that the ancillary staff is trained and skilled and that the equipment is modern and that the hospital meets our exacting standards.

How much time does nose job surgery take and what is recovery period?

The nose jobs surgery can take between one and three hours – the time taken varies and depends on how much work is required. There are many different kinds of rhinoplasty surgeries and even cuts are made differently. Incisions are usually made inside the nose or in the folds, the reshaping done and then the skin is sutured. A splint is generally used and the nose is tightly packed so that assumes a proper shape during the healing process.

For two days post surgery you have take a great deal of care, sleep with your head elevated and move your face as little as possible. You will have to eat soft foods to prevent any irritation or pain and you may need to ice the nasal area. You can count on at least two weeks of recovery time. It may take as much as a year for the final shape of the nose to be visible.

What is the cost of nose job in Cabo San Lucas?

In the U.S. and Canada, the cost of a nose job can range from UD$ 5,000 to US$ 15,000 by a surgeon skilled in rhinoplasty. In Cabo San Lucas, you can expect to pay a fraction of this amount and you can expect to pay between US$ 2,000 and US$ 3,000.

What now?

If the cost has held you back, book now with Medical Departures for an affordable nose job in Cabo San Lucas. Look below on ways to contact us and confirm your booking.