Nose Job in Cabo San Lucas

The Ultimate Guide to Nose Job in Cabo San Lucas

Last fact-checked: 5 December 2020

With a nose job in Cabo San Lucas, you can enhance your appearance, save money and enjoy a relaxing holiday in this resort city on the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California peninsula

Medically known as a rhinoplasty, this is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, with more than 200,000 patients having their noses done every year in the US alone. Whether you want to straighten your nose, fix a bump or alter its size, a rhinoplasty can help you achieve your desired look. This procedure is also used to treat a deviated septum or other medical-related conditions.

Why Consider a Nose Job in Cabo San Lucas?

As a cosmetic procedure, you usually must pay for a nose job out of your pocket—regardless of your medical coverage. As such, it makes sense to shop around and see where you find a good deal. In the US and Canada, your final bill for this surgery can often run into four figures, whereas the same surgery in Mexico, specifically Cabo San Lucas, costs just a fraction of that.

Despite the low prices, you never have to compromise on the quality of care, nor the final results you see in the weeks and months after your surgery (after the nose has healed). A growing number of top facilities in Cabo San Lucas now meet international quality standards and are staffed with highly-skilled practitioners.

Mexico has become a premier medical tourism destination with private hospitals and clinics of a standard on par with the US. The doctors here are well-qualified and experienced, but because the cost of living is so much cheaper, you pay a lot less than you would back home.

Finally, it's worth pointing out that Cabo San Lucas is a popular leisure tourism destination thanks to its pristine beaches, temperate climate and other attractions. Before your surgery, you can enjoy watersports, play golf and visit some of the region's many natural and tourist attractions. The city is also easily accessible from across the US and Canada by air—or you could even drive down there if you live closer to the border.

Why Shouldn't I Simply Book on My Own?

While it may seem easy to do a booking on your own, you should not take a risk where surgery is concerned. You want cosmetic surgery to give you the best possible aesthetic result, so you need to be able to rely on qualified surgeons who have independently verified experience and credentials.

When you book through Medical Departures, we help remove any apprehensions you may have about choosing a clinic and surgeon. That is because we make it our business to work with the best, carrying out our own pre-screening checks before we partner with any medical facility. Our checks include:

  • Investigating criminal/legal records
  • Collating and publishing past patient reviews on our site
  • Verifying doctor and surgeon qualifications and experience
  • Confirming their professional memberships

How Long Does Nose Job Surgery Take and What Is the Recovery Time?

A nose job can take between one and three hours–the time taken varies and depends on how much work is required. Different kinds of rhinoplasty surgeries involve different incisions locations and reshaping techniques.

Incisions are usually made inside the nose or in the folds ("closed" technique); after the reshaping of the nose has finished, the skin is sutured. A splint is generally used and the nose is tightly packed so that assumes a proper shape during the healing process.

For the next few days post-surgery, you'll be advised to take a great deal of care, sleep with your head elevated and try to limit the movement of your head. You will be asked to eat soft food to prevent any irritation or pain and you may need to ice the nasal area.

You can count on at least two weeks of recovery time and it may take as long as six months to a year for the final shape of the nose to be apparent.

What Is the Cost of a Nose Job in Cabo San Lucas?

In the US and Canada, the cost of a nose job can range from USD$ 5,000 to USD $15,000. In Cabo San Lucas, you can expect to pay a fraction of this amount, with skilled rhinoplasty experts charging in the region of USD $2,000 and USD $3,000.

These prices are estimates at the time of writing. You can compare up-to-date prices by browsing through our full list of clinics in Mexico for rhinoplasty here

How Can I Book?

Get started now by checking out Marroquin and Sandoval, a popular clinic in Cabo San Lucas that offers rhinoplasty to international patients.

Book through our site to take advantage of our Best Price Guarantee or connect with our Customer Care Team via phone, email or online chat for more information. Or if you are ready to schedule your appointment, you can do so right here any time of the day or night, at no charge to you.


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