Nose Job in Tijuana

The Ultimate Guide to Nose Job in Tijuana

Unhappy with the shape of your nose and looking at low-cost ways to fix it? Nose jobs in Tijuana are less than half the price you’d pay in the United States or Canada, but with no concession on the quality with Medical Departures’ quality-checked surgeons and facilities.

Let us show you why Tijuana is a great option for medical tourists.

Why choose Tijuana for a nose job?

Tijuana has quietly been making a name for itself as a good destination for medical tourists. It’s always been popular for tourists, especially from the southern US states, but its close proximity to the Border, English-speaking doctors and excellent quality facilities are bringing patients here looking for reliable results and good-quality facilities.

Skilled, highly-trained surgeons:

Medical training differs slightly from country to country, but mostly it is fairly standardized throughout the world. Cross border training is fairly commonplace, and so new developments, techniques and technologies are introduced rapidly. Many surgeons in the Mexico have trained in the US, and you will find they have professional memberships of the US surgical Boards, as well as the Mexican Board. International affiliation with, for example, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons is also commonplace.

Modern facilities:

Due to the influx of medical tourists, new facilities are springing up. They are state-of-the-art, equipped with the latest technologies and with facilities and amenities to make any stay more than comfortable. Money from medical tourism is reinvested, and there is healthy competition between providers – which is only good for patients. Patients vote with their feet – if services are not good, they simply wouldn’t come.


It’s not difficult to save around 60% compared to the cost at home. Price isn’t everything – and providing you find a trustworthy provider you should be overjoyed with the results.

Quality-checked Providers:

We make it our business to ensure our clinics are up to the standards international patients expect. We check for malpractice suits and criminal proceedings and visit clinics personally. Doctor qualifications and professional memberships are verified and real patient reviews collected. You can see them all on our website with clinic photos and other information, allowing you to make an informed choice.

What is the procedure for a nose job – how long will it take?

Every nose job is as individual as you are. There is no set procedure as it really depends on what you want done. Some nose jobs can be performed in as little as an hour, while others may take up to 6 hours. Your surgeon will discuss the course of action for your case in greater detail.

What is the recovery time after a nose job?

You will be bandaged, bruised and swollen afterwards, and you may have splints or gauze packed into your nostrils. Pain medication and cold presses will ease the discomfort and help with swelling. Dressings will be removed 4-7 days after surgery, but bandages may take up to 10 days. You will need to keep your head elevated as much as you can, especially when sleeping, which will help with swelling.

People usually return to work after the swelling has subsided and all the bandages are off. It will take around 3 weeks before normal activities can be resumed, but over 6 weeks before sports and strenuous exercise can be carried out. It may take up to a year before all the swelling has completely subsided and your nose has healed, inside and out.

How does the price of a nose job in Tijuana compare with the United States or Canada?

Nose jobs in Tijuana cost around $3,000 (CAD $3,900; GBP £2,000; €2,600; AUD $4,100), compared to around $8,000 in the United States (CAD $10,300; GBP £5,200; €7,000; AUD $11,000).

What now?

Find out more and see what’s available at our quality-checked clinics.

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