Nose Job in Greater Seoul Area

The Ultimate Guide to Nose Job in Greater Seoul Area

Unhappy with the shape or size of your nose? Looking at an affordable way to change it? Nose jobs in Seoul may be the answer as you can travel there on holiday, get your procedure and still save compared to the prices at home.

With Medical Departures you can find quality-checked surgeons whose credentials stack-up. Cost may be a major consideration for you, but not at the expense of quality and safety.

Why should I get a Nose Job in Seoul?

Seoul is no stranger to cosmetic surgery – in fact there are a lot of plastic surgery clinics here catering to both the local clientele, and international patients. Seoul, or South Korea for that matter, may not be on Western tourists’ agendas but it’s certainly a popular destination for Japanese and Chinese tourists and it attracts a large clientele looking for plastic surgery.

The face is one of the most popular areas of the body for cosmetic surgery, with nose alterations being pretty high up there. Seoul has excellent healthcare facilities and surgeons, who have had excellent training and expertise that’s on a par with any back home.

Getting any kind of surgery is a serious business, but particularly on your face. We advise everyone to do their research well, and you should always ask questions and clarify answers. If you’re not happy about what you see or hear then move on. You should always have complete confidence in your surgeon.

With Medical Departures we run legal and criminal checks and verify professional memberships and qualifications. We think past patient reviews are extremely important and we also do our own onsite visits. You can check out a lot of information under each clinic listing, alongside prices and high-definition clinic photos. No-one can ever guarantee any medical procedure 100%, but at least ensuring your surgeon has the right credentials will stand you in good stead.

How long does a nose job procedure take – what is involved?

There are no definitive steps as everyone’s nose job is unique. Fixing a broken nose will involve different steps to removing a bulbous tip. Some nose surgery leaves no visible scarring as all the incisions are made on the inside of the nose, whereas others may leave small scars at the bases of the nose. It all depends on what is require. Surgery can take from just an hour, to over 5 hours if there is complex reconstruction needed.

What is the recovery time for a Nose Job?

Again, this differs from patient to patient, but it could be up to two weeks for the bruising and swelling to settle down.

Your nose may be packed after the surgery and you may have splints or bandages. These may be removed between 4 and 10 days later. You will have to take things gently and try not to knock your nose for a few weeks, when gentle exercise can be resumed. Vigorous exercise should be avoided for 6 weeks.

What is the cost comparison of a Nose Job in Seoul compared to Australia.?

The average cost of a nose job in Seoul is around 50% of the price it is in Australia.

How do I book?

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