Nose Job in Bangkok

The Ultimate Guide to Nose Job in Bangkok

Considering a nose job in Bangkok to change the size or shape of your nose? Let Medical Departures guide you in finding good-quality surgeons and clinics to help you achieve your desires.

Surgery to the nose may be performed for a number of reasons – to alter the tip, to make it bigger or smaller or to improve other defects such as bumps. It may also be indicated if you are suffering with breathing difficulties which may be alleviated by nose surgery.

We know that if you are not happy with your nose that it can affect your confidence and self-esteem, but the cost of surgery may be out of your reach at home. In Bangkok you can save around 60% on nose surgery, making the trip more than worthwhile.

Who is suitable for a nose job?

If you’re unhappy with the shape or size of your nose, or have breathing problems which may be improved by surgery then a nose job may be suitable for you. Generally, you should be in reasonably good health, over the age of 18 and have realistic expectations of what can be achieved by you having the procedure.

It is worth thinking about very carefully, as the procedure is permanent, and as your nose is right in the center of your face, it could radically change your look. This may take you some time to get used to, as well as your friends, family and work colleagues.

What is involved in nose job surgery, and how long does it take?

Nose jobs are very individual procedures as the surgery will be tailored to your needs and requirements, and there isn’t a standard procedure, as such. If surgery is required to the bones and cartilage in the nose, incisions to access these are usually made inside the nose so they aren’t visible afterwards. Tissue may be removed, or added using synthetic filler or tissue from elsewhere on your body. You may be given a general anesthetic, or a local. Your surgeon in Bangkok will discuss with you what the best options are, and give you further information as to how the procedure will be carried out.

Nose job surgery takes, on average, around 2 hours, but it could be more and it could be much less.

What is the recovery time following a nose job?

This will vary, depending on the exact nature of surgery you have had carried out, as well as how well your body heals.

Following surgery you will likely be bandaged and your nose packed with gauze, which will be removed 4-7 days later. If you have a splint, you may still need to wear this, and bandages for another week.
You will experience pain and discomfort, swelling and bruising. Pain medication will help, as will applying cold compresses. It could take up to 2 weeks before the bruising and swelling alleviates.

You will need to take things easy and sleeping with your head in an elevated position will help. If you are thinking of going back to work it will usually be at least 2 weeks after surgery, with around 3 weeks before you can take part in your normal, everyday activities. Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for at least 6 weeks.

Why should I have a nose job in Bangkok?

Any surgical procedure should not be taken lightly – especially cosmetic procedures, and even more so when they involve your face. It is imperative, therefore, that you weight up all the pros and cons very carefully, not just about the procedure, but about having it done in a foreign city, like Bangkok. Having surgery is nerve-wracking at the best of times, so it’s good to go into it with your eyes wide open and to have realistic expectations as to the outcome.

We can’t help you decide if having a nose job in Bangkok is for you, but we can provide you with surgeons and clinics who we have background-checked, so at least you know if you book through us that your choice is reliable.

Having a nose job in Bangkok is a cost-effective alternative to staying at home. There is a world of surgical expertise out there, if you know where to look. Medical Departures’ website gives patients a world of choice at their fingertips, with details of the costs of your procedure, so you’ll know exactly where you stand at the outset.

We promote transparency and honesty, and you can see all the information we have verified in our checking processes – from clinic photos, patient reviews, doctor qualifications and professional memberships, as well as virtual clinic tours all on our website.

Bangkok is blessed with many contemporary, state-of-the-art clinics, staffed with skilled clinicians, which we are delighted to be partnered with – and so are our patients.

How much does it cost for a nose job in Bangkok, compared to Australia or New Zealand?

As it is such a unique procedure to each individual, the prices may vary considerably. However, as a rough guide, the average cost of a nose job in Bangkok is AUD $3,300, whereas it will be around AUD $8,000 in Australia.

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