Nose Job in Chiang Mai

The Ultimate Guide to Nose Job in Chiang Mai

Last fact-checked: 10 March 2020

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What Is a Nose Job - And Is it for Me?

A nose job, technically known as rhinoplasty, is performed for various reasons. For instance, it can:

  • Reduce the size of the nose (nose reduction).
  • Be used to reconstruct the size, shape of the nostrils and the tip or bridge of the nose
  • Alter the slope or angle of the nose
  • Correct an injury or birth defect
  • Improve breathing

Before considering a nose job, you should ensure you are choosing a surgeon with the requisite training and has achieved high-quality results. In fact, most clinicians say that a nose job is one of the few cosmetic surgical procedures with high revision rates. Therefore, it is important to think through your expectations and discuss with your surgeon; who should be able to evaluate your nose and other facial features to come up with the desired look.

Why Consider a Nose Job in Chiang Mai?

The outcome of a nose job normally depends to a large extent on the experience of the surgeon. A less skilled doctor may find it challenging to provide a flawless shape that is desired by the patient. If you book with Medical Departures, you are guaranteed professional, personalized services from internationally trained cosmetic surgeons who offer world-class rhinoplasty results in Chiang Mai.

Thailand remains one of the top five countries visited by Australians and a sought-after vacation destination for every type of traveler on budgets both small and large. This is not only because it quenches tourism thirst, but has some of the high-standard plastic surgery clinics which offer their services economically. Most travelers from Australia, UK, Europe and some parts of Asia travel here because of the exceptional medical treatments they get at very low costs.

Because of the growing numbers of medical tourists in Thailand, dubious plastic surgery facilities (unqualified/uncertified) are always a concern and unwary patients may find themselves in their hands. At Medical Departures, we value the relationship we have with our patients and want you to find reliable clinicians. For that, we have thoroughly investigated and examined all the clinics we have listed on our website with reference to their doctors' qualifications and certification, clinics' online reputation, licenses and legal standings as well as cosmetic surgery safety and hygiene standards put in place.

How Long Does a Nose Job Take and What Is the Recovery Time?

A nose job is an outpatient procedure, meaning you will not stay at the clinic overnight. After anaesthesia has been administered, procedure starts when a surgeon makes cuts within the nostrils. This can either be:

  • A closed procedure, where incisions are hidden inside the nose; or
  • An open procedure, where an incision is made across the columella; the narrow strip of tissue that separates the nostrils.

Through these incisions, the surgeon is then able to reshape the inner bone and cartilage to produce a good-looking appearance that is desired. While reshaping the nose structure, an overly large nose may be reduced by removing bone or cartilage and a small nose may be corrected by adding cartilage grafts.

After the surgery - and the nose has been sculpted to give the desired shape, nasal skin and tissue are shrouded and the incisions are closed.

Things to note about your recovery:

  • You will have to wear a nasal splint for the first week as a precaution taken to reduce swelling and bruising around the eyes.
  • The final shape of your nose will be apparent and completely healed after around six months.
  • Remember not to engage in strenuous activities for about three to six weeks after the surgery.

How Much Can I Save on a Nose Job in Chiang Mai Compared to Home?

The average cost of a nose job in Chiang Mai is at least 50% less than countries like Australia, the US and the UK. 

Please note: This is an approximate estimate based on global averages at the time of writing. To see updated prices, as well as clinic photos, surgeon profiles, patient reviews and other information, take a look at these three leading clinics in Chiang Mai for nose jobs:

How Do I Get Started?

Get started by browsing our full list of quality-checked clinics for rhinoplasty in Chiang Mai here.

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