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The Ultimate Guide to Doctors in Denpasar

Have you considered having plastic surgery in Denpasar? If not, then read on to discover why the capital city of Bali is the ideal choice to combine all of your cosmetic surgery requirements with an exciting vacation in one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

Denpasar – In Brief…

Today, Denpasar is the capital city of the island province of Bali although, historically, the city was originally the capital of the Kingdom of Badung. In 1906, the Dutch intervention saw the royal palace overrun and the King’s court disbanded. The city was granted its’ independence in 1949 and became the seat of government for the Province of Bali in 1958 and is the administrative centre for both the City of Denpasar and the Badung Regency.

Denpasar has grown rapidly in modern times and has become the centre of education, industry, commerce and tourism in Bali. The city’s craft industry remains focused on traditional skills and is renowned worldwide for it’s hand-made goods. There are many shopping opportunities in Denpasar that includes traditional markets such as the Badung Central Market, where fresh foodstuffs, handicrafts, dried food and spices are readily available. There are silk emporiums and gold stores, as well as large shopping malls that contain every type of store imaginable.

Denpasar is a fusion of different Indonesian cultures, and this is most readily experienced through the local cuisine. There are a plethora of restaurants that specialise in the many ethnic and regional Indonesian cuisines, from specialist Chinese seafood restaurants to local bakeries and traditional Balinese coffee houses.

Where is Denpasar?

Denpasar, or Kota Denpasar as it is known to the locals, is the largest city and capital of Bali. Located in the south of the island, Denpasar is a popular gateway for tourists looking to explore the island of Bali and other cities located in the Lesser Sunda Islands.

Why choose Denpasar for Plastic Surgery?


In recent years, the expense of undergoing cosmetic surgery has been one of the driving factors behind the explosive growth in medical tourism. For many patients, savings of up to 70% can be made on the cost of their treatment simply by travelling abroad to undergo their procedures.

For example, in Australia patients can expect to pay in the region of AUD $3,800 for Lip Augmentation compared to around AUD $345 for the same procedure in Denpasar. Similarly, Blepharoplasty in Australia costs about AUD $6,250 compared to AUD $1,085 in Denpasar.

Medical Facilities:

As more and more medical tourists look to Southeast Asia for high quality, low cost cosmetic surgery, competition between medical facilities to attract their custom has seen massive advances in standards, equipment and procedures that are now widely available across Indonesia.

For example, the Bali Royal Hospital was established in Denpasar in 2010 and provides a range of top quality health services to foreign patients visiting Bali. The hospital has 61 private patient rooms and a total of 115 beds, as well being fully equipped with the latest medical technologies.
The operating theatres are amongst the most cutting edge facilities in Indonesia and their modern sterilisation centre ensures that the highest standards of hygiene and sterilisation are maintained at all times. All of these measures have earned the Bali Royal Hospital accreditation by the International Standards Organization (ISO 9001:2008).

Doctor Training and Qualifications:

As the standard of medical facilities has advanced, so too has the level of training that doctors are undertaking. Many surgeons now train abroad and graduate from internationally recognised establishments, giving them the same qualifications and skills as western-based doctors.

Tourist Locations for pre and post-op recovery:

Denpasar is a vibrant city with a rich multi-cultural background. There are countless temples, museums and palaces for tourists to explore and many of the main sights can be comfortably reached on foot. The city is renowned for its retail shopping opportunities, including locally crafted silver, textiles, pottery and artwork. Visitors can also enjoy the great surfing opportunities at Serangan Island, or enjoy the calmer environment of Sanur beach for a spot of sunbathing or kitesurfing.

Where to stay in Denpasar?

Denpasar offers a wide variety of accommodation options to suit every pocket. There are many small budget hotels that are comfortable enough at a reasonable price. The Adi Yasa Hotel is a good example, being ideally situated close to many tourist attractions and authentic Balinese restaurants. Each room has an internet connection and a private bathroom, and rooms can be hired from as little as AUD $10 per night.

The Praja Hotel Bali is situated in the heart of Renon, Denpasar and has 40 stylish rooms available. The hotel is a popular choice with tourists visiting Bali as rooms are generally available for between AUD $30-$60 per night.

There are also a variety higher-end hotels available in Denpasar, such as The Aston Denpasar Hotel & Conference Centre and The Genesis Hotel & Spa. Here you will find four-star facilities including superior quality rooms, suites and interconnecting family rooms. Prices for luxury hotels such as these will start from AUD $65-85$ per night.

Is it safe?

On the whole, Denpasar offers no more danger than visiting any other city in your home country. When travelling in unfamiliar surroundings, it is always prudent to keep valuables hidden from plain view or avoid using back streets for short cuts. By using the same common sense precautions in Denpasar, your trip should be safe and uneventful.

How can I be sure the quality of care is the same as back home?

Medical tourism has become a vital part of the Asian economy in recent years and, as a result, Asian governments continue to invest heavily in their medical facilities and surgical education. Indonesia is no different, with facilities being equipped with the latest technologies and many doctors completing their training abroad.

Medical Departures carry out stringent background checks on each doctor and clinic listed on our website to ensure that all qualifications, experience and professional associations are legitimate. We undertake site visits to verify that safety procedures, hygiene levels and medical equipment are all of the highest standard. This information, along with site photographs and patient reviews, is available free of charge on our website to help you select the clinic that best suits your individual needs.

What happens if something goes wrong? 

.Whilst it is highly unlikely that any mishaps will occur during your treatment, no medical procedure is 100% risk-free. However, Medical Departures believe that these risks can be minimised, and we will be with you at every stage of the process to provide help and support should anything go wrong. We can even arrange specialist medical insurance before you travel, through a range of independent providers, giving you extra confidence and peace of mind.

Do plastic surgeons in Denpasar speak English?

Yes, the vast majority of plastic surgeons in Denpasar are fluent English speakers, with many having completed their training abroad in English-speaking countries. There should be few language barriers throughout Denpasar in general, with most Balinese people being fluent in several languages including Balinese, Indonesian, Chinese and English.

What payment methods are accepted in Denpasar?

The official currency in Denpasar is the Indonesian Rupiah, and you will need at least some local currency during your stay in the city. For visitors arriving by air from destinations outside of Indonesia, a visa will need to be purchased at the airport upon arrival. This costs in the region of USD $35, but can be paid for with your home currency.

Once you have passed through immigration, you will find a range of ATM’s available within the airport for cash withdrawals, although it is advisable to check with your bank before you travel regarding potential charges for foreign withdrawals. There are also money changers available as you leave airport to exchange currency for Rupiahs, and it is worth noting that many changers will give you a better rate for new, unfolded bills.

You can also make card payments at most hotels and many stores throughout the city, but most will probably apply a 3-4% handling fee to any electronic transactions.

When is the best time to visit a plastic surgeon in Denpasar?

Whilst cosmetic surgery procedures are available all year round, many foreign visitors prefer to book their treatment at a time of the year when local weather conditions are comfortable for them.

With its’ location slightly south of the equator, Denpasar has a tropical wet and dry climate and is generally hot and humid all year round. There is very little fluctuation in temperature, with the average generally being in the region of 28 degrees Celsius all year round. There are two seasons in Denpasar: wet and dry. The dry season runs between May and October, with the wet season running from November to April.

Whilst temperatures are not extreme in Denpasar, the combination of oppressive humidity, heat and excessive precipitation levels can make the climate very uncomfortable from time to time.

Is Denpasar handicapped accessible?

Most modern hotels and establishments are wheelchair-friendly, although it is fair to say that many older, traditional buildings have stepped access and no ramps. Also, sidewalks can be on the narrow side and, in certain areas, they can be in a state of disrepair and be blocked with debris such as broken concrete.

Hiring a driver for the day is one solution as this will eradicate any navigational issues and the driver will also be able to assist you with access in and out of shops, restaurants, etc.

What is the downside? What should I know about visiting?

There are minimal risks or threats to visiting Denpasar, although visitors should be vigilant and guard against some obvious dangers. Like in any major city, you should be wary of pickpockets and bag snatchers. By wearing your bag around your neck, rather than just over your shoulder, you can avoid having your bag snatched. Also, try to avoid openly displaying jewellery or cash in public to help lessen the risk of being targeted by petty thieves.

Denpasar also have a strict anti-drugs policy and anyone found to be in possession of illegal drugs such as marijuana, ecstasy or cocaine will, undoubtedly, be prosecuted and punished accordingly. At the most extreme, anyone found to be trafficking, exporting or importing illegal substances could face the death penalty.

What else is there in Denpasar?

There are an abundance traditional temples throughout Denpasar that provide cultural and historical insight, although if you are planning on visiting any you should make sure you have a sash and sarong as many do not hire out temple dress. At the centre of the city, you will find the Catur Mukha statue that dominates Puputan Square and acts a landmark and focal point for exploring the rest of the city.

The Bali Museum, originally opened in 1910, offers tourists a comprehensive insight into historical and modern-day Bali, whilst the Sidik Jari Museum and the Taman Wedhi Budaya Cultural Centre document the essence and history of Balinese art. Other places of local interest include Puputan Park, containing the Bajra Sandhi monument, and the Palace of Satria and the Royal Temples which is open for worship and adorned with some breathtakingly ornate carvings.

There are a number of cultural events that take place annually, including dance, puppet theatre and art exhibitions. Pesta Kesenian Bali (Bali Art Festival) runs for a whole month and offers a non-stop mixture of cultural and commercial spectacles including daily performances, handicraft exhibitions, village dances, food contests, classical palace dances and contemporary choreography and dance performances. The Bali Arts Festival is the main cultural event of the year in Denpasar, and tourists are invited to experience first-hand the local Balinese village culture.

Traveling to Denpasar

International visitors to Denpasar will arrive by air at the Ngurah Rai International Airport. The airport is located in Tuban, between Jimbaran and Kuta, which is approximately 30 minutes from Denpasar. The airport is the third busiest international airport in Indonesia and has exceptional links to Australia, Southeast Asia and the rest of Indonesia.

Tourist Visas

All foreign visitors from outside Indonesia are required to purchase a visa on arrival (VOA) when they touch down at the airport. The visa is valid for 30 days and costs approximately USD $35, and you will not be able to clear customs and immigration without it. If you intend to stay longer, there is a one-off opportunity to extend the visa for a further 30 days, a service that can be arranged through a local immigration office at any time during your visit.

Distances and Flying times from other countries

London, 4829 miles, 16.25 hours
Montreal, 9849 miles, 34 hours
New York, 10166 miles, 25 hours
Los Angeles, 8631 miles, 22.5 hours
Auckland, 4188 miles, 11.5 hours
Sydney, 2871 miles, 6 hours

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