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The Ultimate Guide to Doctors in Kuta

Are you thinking about undergoing Plastic Surgery? In Kuta, you have the ideal opportunity to enjoy an exotic vacation whilst receiving first-class cosmetic surgery, and at a cost that works out cheaper than undergoing the same procedures at home.

Kuta – In Brief…

Kuta was originally a former fishing village, but was one of the first towns on the island of Bali to undergo massive tourist development. Today, Kuta is a popular beach resort and one of the major tourist destinations in Indonesia. It’s long sandy beach is known throughout the world, and tourists flock here to enjoy the many restaurants, bars, varied accommodation and ideal surfing conditions that are readily available.

Kuta is ideally located just 15 minutes from the Ngurah Rai International Airport, and the extensive five kilometer beach is safe, clean and well-maintained. During the day, the beach is crammed with sunbathers and surfers, whilst at night the town transforms into in the party centre of Bali with it’s many clubs and bars attracting party-goers from all over the world.

If you’re looking to combine some essential beauty treatments with a no-holds-barred party vacation, then Kuta is the ideal choice for you.

Where is Kuta?

Kuta is a district located in southern Bali, an island province of Indonesia that is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands.

Why choose Kuta for Plastic Surgery?


Cosmetic surgery in Kuta is distinctively cheaper than you would pay at home. Savings of over 70% can be made on most procedures, which is one of the primary reasons for the rapid growth of medical tourism throughout Southeast Asia.

For example, undergoing a Blepharoplasty in Australia normally costs around AUD $6,250, but will only cost about AUD $1,085 in Kuta. Similarly, Lip Augmentation retails at around AUD $3,800 in Australia, compared to AUD $345 in Kuta.

Medical Facilities:

With the growth of the medical tourism industry in Southeast Asia, many facilities have invested heavily in the latest equipment and technology to ensure that they can offer the very best treatments to international patients.

As a result, the medical facilities in Kuta are second to none, with clinics and hospitals delivering first-class treatments in modern, high-tech facilities.

Doctor Training and Qualifications:

Training and qualifications are becoming more and more standardized across the globe as travel, IT and communications continue to break down barriers and open up opportunities to an increasing number of surgeons. Many Asian doctors are benefitting from completing their training abroad, gaining internationally recognised qualifications and professional accreditations that enable them to offer a level of service that is at least equal to, if not better than, the quality of treatment that you would expect to receive back home.

Tourist Locations for pre and post-op recovery:

With a 5km stretch of sand, Kuta is generally considered to have the best beachfront on the island of Bali. It is a popular destination for surfers, and is also part of the traditional backpacking route through South East Asia.

It is the ideal location for relaxing in the sun whilst you recuperate from surgery. Luxury resorts, restaurants and clubs are abundant down the length of the beach and, after dark, Kuta is renowned for its’ frenetic nightlife and party atmosphere.

Where to stay in Kuta?

Kuta has a massive variety of accommodation available, most of which fall into the budget and mid-range categories. At the cheaper end of the market, there are guest houses that offer rooms for between Rp 70,000-250,000 (USD $5-$20) per night. Mid-range accommodations range from around USD $25-$80 per night, and customers can expect air conditioning, pool/gym facilities and internet access.

For those seeking a bit more luxury, there are a range of resorts, spas, villas and hotels set in spectacular tropical surroundings that offer private balconies with ocean views, restaurants, coffee shops, gardens, spa & massage, laundry services, wake-up calls, 24hr room service and airport transfers. Depending upon location and services available, prices can range from USD $90-$300 per night.

Is it safe?

You are under no greater risk in Kuta than you would be in any city that you visit back home. As long as you apply the same common-sense approach, such as sticking to main roads rather than unfamiliar backstreets, and not openly displaying valuables or cash, your visit to Kuta will be safe and uneventful.

How can I be sure the quality of care is the same as back home?

At Medical Departures, we perform extensive background checks on all the clinics and doctors on our listings to verify that professional associations, experience and qualifications are genuine. Site visits are carried out to ensure that the facilities are authentic and that all medical equipment, hygiene levels and safety procedures are of the highest standard. All of this information is available for you free of charge on our website, along with real patient reviews and photographs, so that you can make an informed decision as to which facility can offer you the best treatment.

Do plastic surgeons in Kuta speak English?

You shouldn’t encounter any language barriers during your time in Kuta as most Balinese people are fluent in English, Chinese, Indonesian and Balinese. This is especially true in the medical industry as many doctors have trained abroad in English-speaking countries and are, therefore, fluent English speakers.

What payment methods are accepted in Kuta?

The Indonesian Rupiah is the official currency in Kuta and you will need at least some local currency to perform certain transactions during your visit. It is not essential to buy currency before you travel as there are many money changers based in the airport, most of which will give preferential exchange rates if you have new, unfolded bills.

You will also need to purchase a visa upon arrival (VUA) at the airport if you have travelled from outside Indonesia. This will cost around USD $35, but can be paid for in your own currency. Once clear of immigration, there are numerous ATM’s in the airport for making cash withdrawals, although it is recommended that you verify with your bank before you travel whether or not there will be charges involved for foreign withdrawals.

Many stores and hotels in Kuta will accept card payments, but these transactions will probably incur a handling fee of 3-4%. Again, check with your card issuer before you travel to avoid any unexpected charges.

When is the best time to visit a plastic surgeon in Kuta?

You can book your cosmetic surgery in Kuta all year round, but you may want to arrange your treatment at a time when the local climate is more conducive to your own personal taste. Temperatures in Kuta are fairly consistent throughout the whole year, generally averaging about 28 degrees celsius, although the wet and dry tropical climate in evidence throughout Bali may mean that you will experience a combination of excessive precipitation levels, heat and oppressive humidity.

Is Kuta handicapped accessible?

Despite the growth of the tourism industry in Kuta, unfortunately many establishments are not wheelchair-friendly. The sidewalks are prone to being narrow and are often congested with garbage or broken concrete. To enter a lot of establishments, steps have to be navigated, and these are quite often slanted, high or broken. There are some places that have access ramps, but these tend to be very steep, and there are very few establishments equipped with elevators.

What is the downside? What should I know about visiting?

Possibly the worst threats to your trip to Kuta are mosquitos and the sun. Like anywhere else in tropical Southeast Asia, the heat contributes to a proliferation of bugs and insects. By packing a strong insect repellant, and wearing long sleeves and trousers in the evenings, you should be able to minimise the risk and discomfort posed by the local bugs. Using a strong sunscreen and wearing a hat can counteract the effects of the sun, and ensure that you have plenty of bottled water to keep hydrated if you are away from the town centre.

You also need to be aware that there is a zero-tolerance drugs policy throughout Bali. There are severe consequences for anyone found to be in possession of illegal substances such as ecstasy, marijuana and cocaine. The death penalty is enforceable for those deemed to be trafficking, importing or exporting any of these substances.

What else is there in Kuta?

There is much to see and plenty of activities to do during your stay in Kuta. The town is a base for scuba divers, with diving courses and day trips around Bali being readily available. Famous diving sites include the manta rays & mola mola (giant sunfish) of Nusa Penida, the USAT Liberty WW2 shipwreck and the The Jetty or Blue Lagoon at Padang Bai. Kuta is also ideal for surfing enthusiasts and is particularly popular with beginners who can enjoy the long sandy beach and absence of coral and dangerous rocks.

Not surprisingly, Kuta has dozens of spas/massage parlours that will compete for your business. Many hotels have their own in-house service, or have partnerships with local operators. For those seeking a more spiritual experience, the Secret Garden of The Divine Mother offers its visitors a “cleansing and beautifying experience for the Soul”.

Other attractions include:

The Hard Rock Hotel - a popular tourist destination that provides a few interesting photo opportunities and is well worth a visit
Spectacular sunsets - relax at any of the beach or seaside cafes and enjoy the sunset
Paradiso Bowling Centre - go ten pin bowling, shoot some pool or enjoy a few frames of snooker
Waterbom Bali - enjoy the tropical gardens and experience the thrills and spills of Bali’s largest waterpark
Dream Museum Zone - a collection of large scale, three-dimensional wall paintings and galleries that offer endless photographic opportunities
Vihara Dharmayana - an ancient Buddhist temple and one of Bali’s most famous landmarks
Kuta Theater - a must-see show that combines stage magic with theatrical and cultural drama
Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation - a sea turtle hatchery and educational family facility

Traveling to Kuta

International visitors will arrive by air at the Ngurah Rai International Airport, which is a short 15 minute taxi journey from Kuta. Being the third busiest international airport in Indonesia, Ngurah Rai offers excellent links to the rest of Indonesia, as well as Southeast Asia and Australia.

Tourist Visas

As a foreign tourist, you will be required to buy a visa on arrival (VOA) at the airport before you pass through customs and immigration. The visa lasts for 30 days and costs in the region of USD $35. It is possible to obtain a one-off visa extension from the local immigration office if you need to stay longer but, again, this will be for a maximum of an additional 30 days.

Distances and Flying times from other countries

Auckland, 4188 miles, 11.5 hours
Sydney, 2871 miles, 6 hours
Montreal, 9849 miles, 34 hours
Los Angeles, 8631 miles, 22.5 hours
New York, 10166 miles, 25 hours
London, 4829 miles, 16.25 hours

What now?

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