Vaginal Rejuvenation in Tijuana

The Ultimate Guide to Vaginal Rejuvenation in Tijuana

Last fact-checked: 4 March 2020

Looking for vaginal rejuvenation? In Tijuana, you’ll find medical expertise, contemporary clinics and a great customer care ethic all at affordable prices when booking with Medical Departures. 

Why Do Patients Seek Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is becoming more and more popular; as well as being an aesthetic procedure, it also helps with function, tightening vaginal muscles and repairing structures that have been damaged through childbirth.

What Procedures Are Included in Vaginal Rejuvenation?

This is a tailor-made treatment normally includes:

  • Vaginoplasty: used to repair tears in the vaginal wall. It can tighten loose muscles caused by childbirth and the aging process. 

  • Labiaplasty: the labia are the lips surrounding the vagina, and there are inner and outer lips. Although they come in all different shapes and sizes, some people feel theirs are too big or long, and the labiaplasty trims excess tissue and “neatens” it up.

Other procedures which may be included in vaginal rejuvenation are:

  • G spot amplification: where collagen is injected into the front vaginal wall to increase sexual pleasure

  • Hymenoplasty: where the membrane that is broken when a woman first has sexual intercourse is replaced (also known as re-virgination) 

  • Clitoropexy: where the clitoral hood is reduced or clitoris repositioned to heighten sexual pleasure.

Why Consider Vaginal Rejuvenation in Tijuana?

Tijuana is extremely accessible, especially for Americans and Canadians. International airports in San Diego and Tijuana make it easy to fly to, or even drive if you are based in a Southern State. Medical lanes at the border help medical tourists get through the queues far quicker, or there is the option of parking on the US side and taking one of the many other modes of transport from the border to your destination.

Tijuana offers convenience but without being too far away. This may be something you want to consider if a long-haul destination is not an option, or if you want the discretion of going to another town or city that isn’t your hometown.

Visitors have been coming from north of the border to Tijuana for a long time – especially for more affordable deals on goods and services. Medical, dental and cosmetic services are no different and Tijuana’s clinics have embraced medical tourism, giving patients what they want in the form of excellent quality care, hygienic surroundings and competitive prices.

Why Book with Medical Departures? 

We carry out background checks on all of our listings, including legal and criminal checks, doctor qualifications, professional memberships and patient reviews. We also conduct onsite visits too, taking high-definition photos and virtual video tours with real patient reviews published on our site. If we’re not happy about something, they simply aren’t listed.

How Long Does a Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure Take?

The vaginal rejuvenation procedure takes between one and two hours – depending on what procedures you have done.

What Is the Recovery Time for Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Unlike some other surgical procedures, the genital area tends to heal quite quickly afterward. You will, of course, experience some discomfort, particularly for the first day or two, but you will be given pain medication and applying ice packs or a bag of frozen peas will help.

You should be able to resume everyday activities after a few days and you should feel up to going back to work after a week. It will be up to six weeks before you can engage in vigorous exercise, such as horse-riding, and sexual intercourse.

How Much Can I Save on Vaginal Rejuvenation in Tijuana Compared to the US and Canada?

Vaginal rejuvenation in Tijuana costs around 50% of the price it does in the United States. [Please note: these prices are approximate estimates based on international data, calculated at the time of writing.]

What Now?

Get started now by checking out Cosmed Clinic, one of our leading partner clinics in Tijuana that offers vaginal rejuvenation to international patients. 

Book directly through our site for the best prices and enjoy 24-hour access to our dedicated Customer Care Team.


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