Vaginoplasty in Bali

The Ultimate Guide to Vaginoplasty in Bali

Vaginoplasty in Bali may be just what you need if your vagina has become loose and impacted your libido or your sex life. This surgery will tighten the opening and the muscles so that you regain your sexual confidence. And you can have it done at an affordable price in Bali, Indonesia’s famed holiday destination.

During natural childbirth, as the babies get pushed out, your vaginal muscles may get stretched and become loose. It is possible that the pelvic floor is damaged and that you even suffer from urinary incontinence of one kind or the other. The surgery can repair the pelvic muscles, tighten the vaginal canal, fix the perineum, remove the problem urinary incontinence – in short, get you back to your pre-pregnancy state. In fact, if you want you can improve things further by getting other stuff done like labiaplasty, G-spot enhancement, hymenoplasty, liposuction of the pubic area if it is too big and more.

Why consider vaginoplasty in Bali?

Bali is a prime tourism destination and now offers excellent quality facilities to medical tourists at very affordable rates. With JCI accredited hospitals and also wellness and spa facilities, you can undergo vaginoplasty and complimentary therapies in Bali without breaking the bank.

A great place for a holiday, it has many tourist attractions, hotels at different price points, innumerable eateries, cafes, restaurants and shopping and, of course, it has those glorious, idyllic beaches.

Why should you book with Medical Departures?

A 2015 MTA Medical Tourism Patient Survey found that future interest of medical travel is driven by cost savings (61%) and quality (21%). Medical Departures offers the best price guarantee, so you save more. We offer you safety and quality by checking on the background, qualifications, experience and credentials of the doctors working at the medical centers listed on our website. We see that the places have good quality amenities and follow all international standards on safety and hygiene.

How long does vaginoplasty take and what is the expected downtime?

You may have general or local anesthesia depending on your and your doctor’s preference and the surgery can take between an hour and two. The time will depend on whether you are having vaginoplasty as a standalone procedure or getting other work done as well.

You may have bandages and may even have a catheter if required (if work is done for incontinence). You may have pain and discomfort and may need to take painkillers. You will need to be off work for a week or so and complete recovery can take six weeks or more. You will have to be careful and use external aids instead of tampons when you get your period and also avoid sexual intercourse till you get the all clear.

What is the cost of vaginoplasty in Bali?

In Australia, vaginoplasty averages about AUD $11,000 (NZD $12,000, US$8,500; CAD11,500, UK £6,700, EUROS €7,800), but you will pay a lot less for the surgery in Bali.

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