Vaginoplasty in Mexico City

The Ultimate Guide to Vaginoplasty in Mexico City

Last fact-checked: 9 November 2020

Vaginoplasty in Mexico City offers an affordable solution to address sensitive sexual and urinary problems. The procedure is gaining popularity partly thanks to the fact that women are now more vocal about their sexual needs.

Read on to learn more about this procedure and find trusted clinics in the Mexican capital with Medical Departures. 

What Is Vaginoplasty Surgery?

This surgery is carried out to tighten the vagina. Stretching may be caused by:

  • Pregnancies
  • Hormonal problems, such as a lack of estrogen
  • Menopause
  • Aging

Vaginoplasty surgery can simply tighten the vagina or it can involve more extensive work to tighten the muscles, as well. It can be combined with other surgeries like labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, G-spot enhancement and even treating a herniated bladder that causes urinary problems.

It is often grouped together under the classification of "vaginal rejuvenation," informally known as "designer vagina" surgery.

After this surgery, you will have increased sexual satisfaction and gain confidence. If urinary incontinence has been an ongoing problem then this surgery may help you. 

Why Consider Vaginoplasty in Mexico City?

In the US and Canada, such cosmetic procedures are quite expensive. In Mexico City, which is a medical tourism hub, you can receive this surgery for sometimes thousands less than back home. Note: Since vaginoplasty is generally a cosmetic procedure, you usually must pay for it out of your own pocket. If you actually have a vaginal disease such as cancer, then the procedure may be covered by insurance.

Mexico City is easily accessible thanks to many flights from most major cities across North America. It is also within driving distance from some states in the US. Citizens of many countries do not need a formal visa for Mexico.

You can also enjoy a holiday in the city which has a rich cultural heritage with structures and sites that are several thousand years old. You can visit museums, theme parks, volcanoes, pyramids and other tourist attractions. You can also take day trips for short trips out of town. As for hotels, since the city is huge, you can find a huge range of stay options, depending on your budget, including luxury resorts and chain hotels.

Why Book Vaginoplasty in Mexico City with Medical Departures?

Any cosmetic surgery carries a certain degree of risk, including the possibility of allergic reactions or botched surgeries. You should not compound any natural risk factors by booking on your own from a site that has unverifiable information. 

Booking through Medical Departures is a safer option. We offer a Best Price Guarantee along with safety in medical procedures. Before any facility is listed on our site, we carry out background checks that involve:

  • Carrying out a thorough investigation into the background, credentials, qualifications and experience of the doctors.
  • Conducting on-site visits to ensure clinics and hospitals follow international standards, use modern equipment and technology
  • Ensure medical staff can speak English so that you will not face any communication problems.
  • Collating and publishing non-edited past patient reviews on our site.

What Does Vaginoplasty Surgery Involve and What Is the Estimated Recovery Period?

Vaginoplasty surgery typically takes an hour or two and is usually carried out under local anesthesia along with sedation. If more surgeries are combined, then you may want general anesthesia.

It should be noted that this surgery can be done traditionally using scalpels. A special, less invasive laser device can also be used; it uses only heat to tighten the vagina, is virtually painless and completed in less than half an hour. However, this method needs to be repeated three times or more for best results.

As part of a vaginoplasty, the excess skin is removed. Sometimes loose muscles may also need to be tightened. With traditional surgery, you may have some bleeding, with laser surgery the healing time is quicker as it is largely bloodless.

Post-surgery, it should be noted that:

  • You will be bandaged and need painkillers for a few days.
  • Depending on your discomfort level you may need to take a week off from work.
  • You will be advised to avoid sex for four to six weeks and resume other activities after about two weeks.
  • You may need to use additional lubrication for some time post-surgery when you resume sexual activities.

What Is the Cost of Vaginoplasty in Mexico City?

In the US, you can expect to pay between USD 4,500 to USD 8,500. In Mexico City, starting rates are as low as USD 2,000, meaning you can save a great deal even when considering those travel expenses to Mexico.

[Please note: these prices are approximate estimates based on international data, calculated at the time of writing. You can check with our listed clinics for up-to-date pricing]. 

Recommended Clinics for Vaginoplasty in Mexico City

See specialist surgeon profiles, compare prices and browse past patient reviews at these MD-verified clinics offering vaginoplasty in Mexico City:

How Do I Get Started?

See our list of surgeons in Mexico City for vaginoplasty; these facilities also offer other surgeries that may be required as part of a more extensive vaginal rejuvenation. 

If you want to book an appointment see below for ways to get in touch. The Medical Departures Customer Care Team can also be reached any time of day or night if you’ve any questions about vaginoplasty in Mexico City.


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