Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out how much it costs?
How can I find out how much it costs?
Why does it cost so much less to have surgery and cosmetic treatments abroad?
What about your fees? How much are they?
What about the quality of care? Is it as good as at home?
Are the surgeons highly qualified and experienced?
Is the technology up-to-date?
Should I be concerned about hygiene, sterilization and safety procedures?
Are there any warranties or guarantees on my procedure? What happens if something goes wrong?
How long will I need to stay?
Is it safe to travel alone for surgery?
How and when do I pay for my treatment?
Do you have payment plans?
Are there discounts for multiple procedures?
Do the doctors speak English?
Can I speak with the doctor directly?
What are the steps in arranging a surgery holiday?
Do you arrange flights and accommodation as well?
Do you require information or a medical history from my own doctor prior to travel?
Can I claim for my treatment on medical insurance?
Does the clinic/hospital offer a transportation service from the hospital to my hotel?
Can you put me in touch with former patients?